Love is colourful
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She cheating on you : How to quickly rise from broken heart

Headace Broken Hearth

So what is our attitude in dealing with situations like this if the person we love is cheating on us? Oh my God ” Cheated On ” So love is the strongest feeling, so betrayal of love is the deepest wound. It is make the feeling of humiliation, the feeling of being replaced, the feeling of being unappreciated, that feeling of inferiority mixed into one. Including feelings of disappointment because of the death of hope and need to realize Love will not exist without hope.

Wait let me take you to flash back. In the past, when we loved some one, there was hope, and that hope required us to plan, so people who fall in love love and have hope and plan for the future. In a plan that includes personal changes to stay loved, and be a good lover. The commitment to love someone is very strong and very big, and one day the obstacles will of course come and one of them is betrayed.

Love is colourful
Love colourful

The word betrayed is indicated that we are betrayed who are dissolved in feelings of love, If we don’t love, there will be no betrayal, don’t you think?

In love there is trust, because no one can love someone before trusting someone. And indeed we can trust without loving. However, it happens in other areas, for example business partners and coworkers.

lovely moment

Back to betrayal, this has a huge impact on feelings of love. And what if we are betrayed ? I can imagine as similar experience and the reactions you willing to get definitely angry, swear at it, and it can be all kinds of bad prayers. if we realize even though it is forbidden to pray bad. But at the peak of time we know we have been betrayed, the fire of our anger is abysmal.

Ok after being angry, I say after being angry, because I believe no one can afford to be angry for long. must be tired! Because God puts a limit on our hearts, on our souls to be able to be angry only at the limit point that we have. And in the ends automatically the soul will start to get tired, start to give up, start learning to accept, start learning to be wise that is.. ” If it is not for me ” all plans will not be happen. Without us realizing the awareness of wisdom absorbs and permeates us, until we find the answer that all this is not human behavior or plans but God’s intervention.

Stringing love need patient

Again the question arises “How cruel is God to separate love from the people I care about?” The answer is : Maybe we think God is very cruel because we don’t understand what God means. All human plans can succeed or not depending on being blessed by God except for plans for good.

And what about the person I love betrayed ?
• Luckily he betrayed now, imagine if he does this later when your big name is above and all matters involve him and at that time he betrays, the pain is more pronounced than now of course
• So being betrayed is better now than later, right?

And the second benefit of the wise, believe that God is preparing someone better than before, because I just betrayed the previous person who didn’t suit me.With this incident, hopefully I can improve and elevate my status as a better person in the future. Believe that God has determined a person’s degree, if he betrays it means he is not of the same quality and is not in your class, even though it’s hard and not easy to do, let’s be grateful. So the realization that he’s leaving us is a sign that he’s not in our class, it promises a better chance that someone better person is being reserved for us.

This incident can be concluded :
• Indeed, those who are patient, deserve something better. Therefore, be patient if we are betrayed
• The spirit of moving on, not immediately forgetting but looking for a new refreshment of mind, traveling to a different place other than the place he used to visit is the best solution continue life as best as possible without him. Because if you still allow him, talking about the concept of him, as a memory, afraid that other love will not enter.

so after all of everything, if we get cheated or betrayed on a big first step we allow our souls to react to this evil,don’t react too badly, but react as an expression of annoyance or whatever as a human.

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East and West Nusa Penida Private Guided Tour

Penida Island Private Guided Tour

Take a special photography excursion on Nusa Penida Island as the top rank destination in Asia for private tours. Discover the islands amazing photo spots including east and west of Nusa Penida with professional tour guides. Stress free transportation between islands by fast boat with a friendly, safe driving experience and port transfer.

Private Guided Tour Duration : 10 Hours

Private Guided Tour Ittinerary From Bali :

eXpress Boarding
  • Sanur Harbour : Express boarding at fastboat terminal with VIP service line. Experience comfortable cruise from Sanur Harbour to Toya Pakeh Harbour Nusa Penida island escorted by friendly personal private guide
Toya Pakeh Arrival
  • Toya Pakeh Harbour Penida : On arrival in harbour, our friendly guide will manage to meet and greet with our driver in Penida Island. And continue to begin the tour to East of Penida Island transported by Air Conditioner vehicle with free WiFi.
Diamond Beach
  • Diamond Beach East Penida : The first of our detination in the East of Nusa Penida. Prior arrival at Diamond beach you will welcome by coffee break and enjoy the breakfast box above the hill over looking to the amazing view. And after the coffee time, tour continue to the spot and enjoy the photo session at Diamond Beach
Atuh Beach View from high cliff
  • Atuh Beach East Penida : Clear ocean in front of beautiful high cliff is a unrivaled spot view. Take a picture from the spot of Atuh beach will be one of unforgettable digital experience in the east of Nusa Penida
Tree House at Molenteng Penida
  • Tree House East Nusa Penida : Our friendly guide will take you to visit the tree house in the East of Nusa Penida. Located in cliff where visitor need to do some easy walk to access the location of the tree house. Capture the picture on magnificient view of tousand island.
Local lunch at penida island
  • Lunch at Local Restaurant : Enjoy lunch at local restaurant in Nusa Penida, Enjoy the Indonesian Nasi Goreng or fried rice on your packaged lunch with mixing a seawead flavour. In addtional Indonesian menu and western menu also available at the local restaurant. Fresh coconut can be the best refreshment on Nusa Penida break time. After lunch the tour will continue to the west of Nusa Penida
Kelingking Beach West Penida
  • Kelingking Beach West Penida : Capture the picture from the best spot above the hilll over looking to Kelingking cliff. Escorted by our friendly guide and get the story of local myth famous Kelingking beach. Enjoy refreshment with young coconut drink at Kelingking Beach.
Broken Beach West Penida
  • Broken Beach West Penida : Our friendly private guide will also take you to visit the broken beach, an amazing hole in the big hole is welcoming us at broken beach. Beautiful picture can be captured from the view point.
Cristal Beach West Penida
  • Cristal Beach West Penida : Our friendly guide will take you to visit the beautiful of Crystal Beach. Possibility to have swimming at the clean water with white sandy beach along the beach. Restroom or changing room access are available at Crystal Beach Nusa Penida. After swimming time, friendly guide will escort you back to harbour to go to Bali
Amazing East and West Penida Tour
  • Back to Harbour : We take the last boat in the evening scheduled to leave Nusa Penida by 16 : 30 Pm. Back to Bali with 45 minutes cruise from Penida Harbour to Sanur
  • Arrival in Sanur Harbour : After cruise from Penida Harbour, you will arrive back in Sanur Habour Bali. Greeting and welcome by friendly driver to take you back to Hotel in Bali with fully fun experience on photo time visiting Penida Island

Private Tour Inclusion :

  • Entrance ticket in all list attraction
  • Hotel Pick up and Drop off
  • Breakfast Box
  • Coffee – Tea – Mineral Water Bottle
  • Fast boat ticket
  • Lunch following the voucher
  • Private Tranportation – Free WiFi
  • Insurance

Departure and Pick up Time

  • Pick up at the hotel lobby : 06 : 00 Am
  • Boat Departure to Nusa : 07 : 15 Am
  • Boat Departure to Bali : 16 : 30 Pm
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Email :

Phone and Whatapps : +62 82236087680

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The safe place’s to visit in Bali

Bali government has just launched the last updated status of community activity restriction ( PPKM ) from level 4 droping one point to level 3. And following the circular leter from Bali Governor it is announce a publich place’s such a mall supermarket, tourist attractions, who already have certificated it allowed to operate the bussiness with fully strict health regulation.

Bali attractions gate has just opened

Great news that our services has been certified and now we are on the wheel to provide our service with fully safety equipment to avoid something that unexpected onwards. Following an advice from our Bali tourism government to provide a tour and program which is safe for our customer on this trial soft opening for Bali tourism. We have pick on the bucket below for the safe place’s category less crowded to visit in Bali for now until there is next safety instruction from royal Bali Tourism Goverment.

Top 1 : Safe and Clean Private Car Charter

All of our cars is fully insurance and provide hygiene equipement and of course air conditioner with free WiFi available in all variant model MPV or Micro Bus to ensure our guest comfort and satisfaction goal on driving experience in Bali.

  • Seminyak_Tour_Driver
  • Safe_driver_bali
  • Seminyak_tour
  • seminyak_mini_bus
  • Hotel Transfer
  • Seminyak_Tour_Vehicle

New update rate car charter availability included petrol and professional driver

Bali Top Safe tour’s and certified place’s

1. Wonderful of Ubud Private Guided Tour

Ubud Monkey Forest

A full day private tour to discover Ubud Monkey Forest, royal palace, Saraswati Temple , Traditional market, Jungle Swing, Tirta Empul Temple, and Amazing Tegenungan Waterfall. Enjoy pick up and drop off from your hotel lobby

2. Tanah Lot – Uluwatu Temple Sunset Tour

Kecak Dance Uluwatu

Perfectly time on a full day private tour, discover the coast of Bali with professional tour driver. Sunset at the Uluwatu Temple, Swim at Padang Padang beach and beautiful landscape of sea side Tanah Lot Temple is on ittinerary.

3. Lempuyang Temple & East Bali Private Tour

Lempuyang temple

Discover the best of east Bali, capture the best moment at famous gate of Heaven, Tirta Gangga Water palace and historical Taman Ujung Soeka Sada on private guided tour

4. Ubud Hot Spring Private Guided Tour

Toya Devasya Bali Hot Spring
Batur Volcano Bali Hot Spring

Spoiling at the hot spring beside the amazing Batur lake it is a unforgettable relaxation that will come true on this private guided tour. The ittinerary will also take you to visit spectacular of Rice terrace, Temple, Monkey forest, Volcano Batur view point, and also the waterfall.

5. Experience QuadbikeRafting – Waterfall

Atv ride & Ayung River Rafting

Having fun on Ubud amazing ATV treek adventure, great combination combo with extra ordinary white water rafting at Ayung River and waterfall visit. Enjoy pick up and drop off at your hotel lobby. Breakfast and lunch are inclusive.

6. Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Adventure

Batur Sunrise Tour

Long life unforgettable experience, hit the trekk on 03 : 30 Am from start point Batur Volcano. Our friendly adventure guide will escort you, fresh breakfast and hot drink is present during the activity. Enjoy pick up and drop off from your hotel lobby.

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Flue symtomps rapid recovery with Bali traditional scrub

Bali medicinals herbs proven to reduce a sypmtoms of covid, respiratory tract, cough and influenza. News Bali tourism on expected reopening international border not so long ago, for now it ends with safety life restrictions ” Emergency Community Activity Restrictions ” it has announced on early of July 2021 and it valid from 3rd July 2021 to the 20th of July 2021.

Seminyak Tour Team Vaccined

Indonesian description

Ramuan traditional yang terbukti ampuh mengurangi gejala covid seperti batuk dan flue. Harapan untuk membuka kembali international border untuk kunjungan warga negara asing beberapa bulan yang lalu, akhirnya tertunda dengan adanya PPkM yang diberlakukan pemerintah sejak 3 juli 2021 dan kemungkinan berakhir tanggal 20 juli 2021 dengan tujuan utama menekan kasus covid 19.

English Description

Incrased number of the new case in Jakarta and Bali based on data healthy department officer, make the central goverment take a new decision. Along with unpredictable weather, it is very impactful for everyone. A cold temperature in the begining of the month, make a person with a weak immune system more susceptible to viruses especialy influenza.

Indonesian description

Dengan bertambahnya penyebaran Covid 19, Berdasarkan data dari Dinas Kesehatan Republik Indonesia, penyebaran sangat pesat khususnya di Jakarta dan Bali yang menjadi pertimbangan untuk mengambil langkah pembatasan kembali untuk kegiatan masyarakat. Cuaca yang dingin di bulan ini banyak menyumbangkan kasus serupa, dari yang imunnya lemah sehingga mudah terserang pilek dan batuk.

English Description

Government protects everyone by giving a vaccines. And it is our great hope that the community is protected and safe from the virus that shaken the world. In the other hand, Balinese believe with ancestral heritage of traditional healing, proven effective in relieving flue symptoms by the a first time use.

Indonesian description

Pemerintah Republik Indonesia dalam misi menyelamatkan masyarakat, telah membagikan vaksin gratis. Dengan harapan dapat menolong dan menjaga masyarakat dari serangan virus yang sedang mengguncangkan dunia. Dan masyarakat tentu saja tidak lupa melindungi diri dari serangan virus dengan menggunakan obat traditional yang terbukti ampuh mengurangi gejala seperti jika mengalami gejala batuk dan pilek dan dapat dirasakan mulai dari pertama penggunaan herbal tradtional ini.

English Description

BOREH the clasic lokal Balinese name of scrub medicinals that is writen on “Usada” or Bali traditional healing. Made from natural ingridients that have no side effects. Contains ingridients that are easy to find specially on tropical area and if you are in europe that will be easy to get in asian shop. Boreh contains with Rice, Galangal, Dry Clove, Pepers grains, Nutmeg. How to mix these ingridients, you can see on the video attached below :

Reduce Covid and flue Symtomps by Traditional Balinese Scrub

Indonesian description

Boreh adalah nama lokal di Bali untuk obat traditional ini, selama ini tidak ada laporan effect samping selama pemakain boreh obat traditional ini. Bahan bahan boreh sangat mudah di dapatkan di negara yang beriklim tropis dan tentu saja jika berada di luar negeri, anda bisa membeli di toko asia. Bahan bahan boreh terdiri dari : Beras, Kencur, Cengkeh kering, biji merica kering, dan jebug harum cara membuatnya silahkan lihat video.

English Description

How to use Boreh ? Yes boreh is a scrub very easy to apply on our body. The step by step where to apply the boreh, first we can start applying on the back neck area for the central nervous relaxation and it help to improve the respiratory tract and also on the forehead to relieve the stress and headace, all over the back to improve blood circulation and nerves. In the thighs and legs can be filled bit thick, also apply on the soles of the feet and under the toes that for reduce the soreness in the waist. If you get tingling on your hand often, you can apply the boreh scrub from the arm to full hand. And now boreh very usefull for a treatment to relieve covid and influenza by applying on chest thoroughly. Its a wonder how the body responds to make self treatment after receiving a boost from the efficacy or boreh traditional medicinals and extra recommended to drink a warm water with ginger during the teraphy.

Indonesian description

Bagaimana cara menggunakan lulur Balinese boreh ? Tenang saja sobatku, boreh sangat manjur menanggulangi masalah influenza, setelah semua bahan tercampur rata, udah di ulekin tuh ya, ntar tingal oleskan tipis tipis di bagian leher belakang untuk penyempuhan hidung yang tersumbat dan mengencerkan dahak, di gidat bisa di oleskan untuk mengurangi pusing, kalo batuk di olesin tuh di dada, kalo sering kesemutan di kaki kita tinggal olesin aja di kakai keseluruhan. Setelah di oles, badan akan terasa hangat dan tungguin sampai kering sobat, habis itu mandi pakai air hangat atau kalo ga mau mandi, bisa juga di waslap pakai handuk basah tentunya. Terapi 2 kali sehari, batuk pilek corona pasti hilang cepat.

Yes for now that is my best recommend and advice and if you have any question, please fell free to let me know any time on whatapps or email. And our official contact : Email : and whatapps phone number is +6282236087680

See you soon when Bali reopening the border.

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Bali driver update layanan terbaru – Latest in Seminyak Tour

Client domestik seminyak tour

Indonesia Description

Seluruh driver dan adminitrasi team Seminyak Tour tidak hanya menerima dua kali vaksin dari pemerintah Republik Indonesia. Kini seluruh armada kendaraan sudah dilengkapi dengan pengamanan kesehatan tingkat tinggi, yang di sertivikasi Hygienis oleh team kesehatan. Mematuhi aturan pemerintah dengan menerapkan standar protokol kesehatan, demi terhindar dari virus yang sangat ditakuti oleh dunia. Untuk menuju pelayanan prima maximal dan nyaman, seluruh staff dan tour driver diwajibkan memakai masker, dan rutin menggunakan zeniteser sebelum atau sesudah interaksi dengan permukaan sentuh kendaraan. Mengutamakan kenyamanan dan kebersihan kendaraan, perawatan berkala dan lulus uji emisi. Seluruh armada unit kendaraan layak di gunakan seluruh kalangan traveler. Berikut tipe dan unit kendaraan tersedia untuk traveling di Bali.

English Description

All staff and driver guide crew of Seminyak tour not only received a vaccine from Indonesian goverment, following the safety protocol covid 19 for all of our vehicle has applied high protections and certified by healthty department. Escape the feared virus in the whole world, we have followed a top instruction from Indonesia healthty department to wear a mask as obligations when present a service to our customer and routinely use hand zenitiser before or after touch a part of the car surface. embark the operation with fresh and better inventory specially on unit vehicle. Upgraded to a better vehicle, with a comfort driving experience as the goal, it deserve to provide all traveler to visit enjoy the paradise

Safety measure available

Kendaraan yang tersedia di Seminyak Tour di Era kehidupan Bali yang baru.

Welcoming a new of Bali after pandemic with the goal ” zero to hero ” seminyak tour providing the best selection of vehicle for travel comfort

Toyota Kijang innova ✓ Build 2011 – 2016

Seminyak Tour Vehicle – Toyota Innova

Toyota Reborn ✓ Build 2019 – 2020

Seminyak Tour Vehicle – Toyota Reborn

Toyota Fortuner ✓ Build 2011

Seminyak Tour Vehicle – Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Avanza ✓ Build 2015 – 2020

Seminyak Tour Vehicle – Toyota Avanza

Toyota Hiace Mini Bus ✓ Build 2015 – 2019

Seminyak Mini Bus
Seminyak Mini Bus – Toyota Hiace

Booking Transport and Driver Seminyak Tour :

Get free advice and consultation for your best trip & route in Bali. Friendly customer service seminyak tour welcome to any of your inquiry in 24 Hours.

Dapatkan layanan konsultasi gratis untuk rute and perjalanan anda yang terbaik. Customer services seminyak tour tersedia 24 jam penuh untuk melayani pelanggan.

Email :

Phone : +62 82236087680

Whatapps : +62 82236087680

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July 2021 light up beautiful flames of Bali

Back to Bali

Has been more then a year until now June 2021, the pandemic of covid 19 has no indication to the ends. No one knows when exactly the hardest strom specially for tourism industry in Bali will be over. In the beginning of this month, the economic flow can be categorized meet to the 0,5 % circulation or sadly we can say the rotation is stuck. In the village, people try to survive with anything they can do, become a farmer or freelance worker or anything to deal with a kilo of rice.

By our redactions, reported in some village called ” Temesi ” well located in the east of Ubud. Villager has been using back to traditional way to make a transaction such as Barter ( swap something for something ) or triple S as villager said for example swap a 1kg rice with 1 bunch of Banana. Is interesting to see the transaction work. Bali is the island of thousand temple related traditions, culture, and sociality trying and keep it runs as how it goes as it following a Tri Hita Karana concept living and it proven to be effectively even though very close to limitations economical during the pandemic 19.

Kayuamba Cow Market

An unhealthy economy creates a compulsion for everyone to fulfill the obligations. The luxury goods and precious metal seem worthless when compared to the value of food and daily need of every family. Cars, House, Scooter including livestock sold at inappropriate price just to meet the cost of living. For example we have took the picture on cow market, where on reality we can see on the picture the farmer have to sale the cow in not at the right time. The cow still skinny and not enough 1 year, they must be sale for living cost of the family owner.

Stone Garden

Cafe bar and little restaurant in the middle area is completely stuck and rundown. And more then 85% employer on tourism industry lossing their Job. But we hope the pandemic will be over earlier then expected. Big pray, and patient to followed health protocol, ensure everyone of our family on healthy condition.

Bali Airport

Earlier of February 2021, president of Indonesia Mr. Joko Widodo presented a fresh air to all tourism industry in Bali to reopen the international border on estimation this year between June or July 2021. All tourism industry & operator so excited and prepare the business to reopen again. Hotel , restaurant and other tourist attraction has opening a job vacancies for upcoming July 2021 specially base on daily worker.

We pray and hope there is no obstacle on the government plan to reopen the border international travel on coming July 2021. With fully following safety measure and most of us already get vaccinated. Ensure Bali will be one of the safe place to visit after the pandemic of covid 19 over.

Bali 2021

Very sure , we will meet you again in Bali this years 2021. All of our family Seminyak ready to escort you to discover the new face of Bali with classic tradition and stronger culture. Incase, you have any pending plan to explore the island from the the last travel season, and you love to know how is the new Bali now ? Let’s fell free to reach us on our official contact, again once more, we looking forwards to see you in Bali soon and stay safe.

Email :

Phone and Whatapps : +6282236087680

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Cokorda Rai Ubud Healer Pass Away

On Sunday ,april 18th 2021 at 5 AM in the morning Cokorda Rai healer confirmed died on the 91 years old at Ganesha Hospital because he was having a fracture surgery. His life was dedicate for Balinese healing treatment.

meet cokorda rai

He was famous in Bali and around the world, special also on his healing was listed on Eat Pray Love by Julia Robert ” book writer”. And also many people visited him to get a balinese treatment healing. Who came abroad not only do a balinese treatment they can learning about traditional medicine and herbs as well.

Cokorda Rai has two wife, The name of his first wife is Cokorda Istri Negari and from the first wife Cokorda Rai and Cokorda istri Negari have five kids. But sadly,around past 35th years his wife passed away and leave them. And not wait so long, around a year Cokorda being a single parents, he finally meet with Ketut Lestari from Buleleng north Bali and they Got Married.

Cokorda rai healer

Cokorda Rai with his second wife name is Ni Ketut Lestari, they have four kids. Cokorda Rai, was 35 years did the balinese healing, start from self thought and get taksu or spirit power from an ancestors in Ubud Palace that’s why he got deeper into a balinese treatment and healing ( Usadha ).

The treatment performed like as nerve accupressure,creates mudras and exhallation.
This use nine level of mudras and body movement. Treatment technique refers to Balinese poam from his anchestor.
In this treatment he use also inner power to distribute a pure energy to the patient.

Bali cokorda rai healer

With a limitation of movement, Cokorda Rai will having a cremation manage by family of Royal Puri Negari and supported by Ubud Royal Family. And of course all the cremation ritual willing to follow the health protocol due the pandemic of Covid 19.

And the alternative or other option for Traditional healing, blessing, cakra also energy transfer and other healing, we can recommend you to visit Jro Gede Eka Sukawati. There is a lot mistery that you will discover on your body and you can see what the best you can do for the future health. For now there is another option that you can meet with Jro gede Eka sukawati online for healing consultations on Zoom. You can find more information about Jro Gede Eka Sukawati on the other page ( Click Here )

If you have any question, please fell free to let us know. My self and my team at Seminyak Tour will be happy and welcome to help you from Bali.

And Cokorda Rai, we wish thank you for your help and with a big hope, we pray for you hopefully you get the best place on the heaven.


Contact :

Email :

Phone & Whatapps : +62 82 236 087 680

Balian Jro Gede Eka Sukawati, Jro Gede Eka Healer Bali, Real Balinese Balian, Seminyak Driver

Balian Healer Jro Gede Eka Sukawati

Jro Gede Eka Sukawati

Om Swastiastu, first i would like to wish thank you very much to the God for blessing us to meet Jro Gede Eka Sukawati. As a Real Balinese healer where he help us a lot on his treatment for my friend Mona – Tommy and my self.

It was an amazing time during the treatment, there is view reason why we come to visit Jro Gede Eka Sukawati, after we have founded so many healer that has tipycaly comercial healer and we got fell so tired of it. And thank God to navigate our spiritual journey to meet with Jro Gede Eka Sukawati.

Experienced with power of spirit, cakra’s and energy healing, many things that you can get help from Jro Gede Eka Sukawati. On our visit we come with bring a offering ” Pejati ” the name of the offering and you can get it on the traditional market and the healing donation is as much you can afford, there is no tariff. At this time we put 250.000 idr for our donation and how is look the Pejati offering ? We have attached below :

Offering to bring when you come to visit healer

What is Pejati offering ? Yes, pejati offering is a simbolic of the universe as contained with art and part of natural good. For excample there is canang sari which is decorated with flower with full colour that mean there is many kind of diferrent life that leave on universe. And there is a coconut as simbolic of the globe, there is duck eggs as simbolic of the moon, some fruits such as banana and many other fruit on the bucket as a parts of the universe. And pejati offering will be offered before you having treatment and that has a mention excuse to the God and Universe power, that we will having holy time on our healing session and we hoping to get blessed. Thats is the point of Pejati offering as what we presented on the holy time.

And on your visit, please use a sarong and for the woment get period is not allowed to come and women can come to visit after period or after menstruation and thats above is important to prepare before come to visit and get the healing treatment by Jro Gede Eka Sukawati.

Melukat ritual

There is no entry number, because there is local Balinese also come to Jro Gede Eka Sukawati to get healing and you can come in the afternoon or morning time after 10.00 am after the morning ritual Jro Gede Eka Sukawati do in the morning. Remember, need to be patient. Some time there is a que as it who come first will get help first and is come to the next after the other finish and most of treatment is about 45 Minutes to 1 hour deppending the healing time needed

What you can expected when visiting Jro Gede Eka Sukawati and What Jro Gede Eka can do for you ? Based on our experienced and pulling the question to Jro Gede Eka Sukawati as we got the answer as it come Jro Gede can do for you to help you to get healing treatment for Energy Cakra Healing, Meditation healing, black magic removing, stress and depression healing treatment, stroke treatment healing , diabetes healing , body reading to find out what is need on your body. For example if there some cakra on your body not working properly that will effect to your journey and make you feel lot stressed and get panic or worry to much. And the best way, i can recommend you to get treatment with Jro Gede Eka Sukawati. And unusual experience i never forgot during when the meditation attended by Jro Gede Eka Sukawati and he touch our head and it feel like a warms power running to my head and it bring me to subconscious and from there you can see what is working and what’s going on with you. That was my unforgettable experience that i have to share the experience with you.

Body balancing with a special energy transfer to improve and get back your body balance, clean the bad spirit, bad energy and bad aura also Jro Gede Eka will take you to understand mixing of the natural medicine. Where all the medichine presented with out cemical and pure naturaly and eassy for our body accepted during or after the treatment.

How to get to Jro Gede Eka Sukawati place and what the address ? Jro Gede Eka Sukawati place is located on 350 meter behind the Guwang Sukawati market. On the maket of guwang traditiinal market take the first lane and come to the ends of the lane and then you will see the T junction and turn left and go strike till the end of the road you will see the end with turned left and come in and one hundred meter you wll see the only one house and temple on the middle of rice field. Then that is the Jero Gede Eka place.

How if you have other question regarding to visit Jro Gede Eka Sukawati. Please do not hestitate tp contact me, attention directly to me at phone + 62 82 236 087 680. Or email to i hope everyone safe and healty and big hope to see you on the time of unforgettable amazing experience in Bali.

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Bali Realtime Online Virtual Tour

Can’t come to visit Bali ? Let’s see Bali in the real time virtual from your lovely device, answer your guesswork with the situation in Bali. The pandemic covid 19 it has been effected negative influence to all industry for almost 1 years. Lot of place’s and attractions has been distroyed and restored since the pandemic. With millions of travelers visited Bali on the pass time, and every traveler has meet sweet memory on the paradise island of Bali to flashback.

Bali Airport 2021

Celebrate 1 years impact covid 19 in Bali, present a special realtime online tour. Take you to the sweet memory in Bali and show you the lates updated of the place’s on realtime online tour. With many options places to discover and allow you to choose the time as it flexible on request, Bali island is following ( GMT + 8 ) local time.

Host and present by English speaking guide and supported by Highspeed connection mobile with HD high quality camera and HD sound system, presented clear detail sound and visual on the real time. With simply instalation apps on your device ( Supported Pc , Mac , Ios , Android ) input the invitation code and get ready to discover Bali on realtime online tour.

Bali Online Tour is following GMT + 8, ( open request time tour departure )

Kuta Town & Kuta Beach Realtime Online Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 MinutesTour Price 5 Usd per person

Kuta South Bali
South Bali

See how is the big change of busy Kuta downtown, from 24 Hours life to the new situation on pandemic, flash back to memory of nightlife, amazing Popies Lane where is hostel located, and see how quite and calm the famous Kuta Beach as it so popular as tourist destination popular before pandemic.

Seminyak Town and Seminyak Beach Realtime Online Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

Seminyak Bali Indonesia

Take alook on the last update of situation in the central Villas – Hotels – & shopping point of Seminyak. Big changed of living happened on the every corner, and also discover the beach situation in the most poplar surfing beach of Seminyak Bali.

Canggu Village and Echo Beach Canggu Realtime Online Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes – Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

Canggu Beach Bali
Canggu Beach Bali

Sweet moment in Canggu has captured and stored at your memory device and that was beautiful place and amazing surfing beach, wish to come again but there is no chance for the moment. Yes here we are, Seminyak Tour will take you to discover Canggu on online tour and let see the change what happening in Canggu in a real time.

Tanah Lot Temple and Sunset Realtime Online Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes – Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

Tanah Lot

Different time will be present on the online tour, Tanah Lot temple is very famous with Sunset at Seaside temple. Online realtime explore the area including the bridge to the temple. The online tour Tanah lot temple is present by 17.00 Pm Bali Time or 09:00 Am in Uk or europe 10.00am or 05.00am USA Time. .

Ubud and Palace Royal Puri Saren Realtime Online Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes – Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

Ubud palace

Take around on realtime online tour in the central art of Bali. Discover by online tour the ubud downtown and see how the big change before and after the pandemic on realtime at the second tourist destination in Bali. See the royal palace, Saraswati Temple on the real time online tour.

Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud Realtime Online Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes – Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

Ubud Monkey Forest

After one year with less visitor as before pandemic, the forest become more green and has more Monkey habitat. Much different then before, let see how big the change before pandemic and after pandemic in Monkey forest Ubud with online realtime tour

Balangan Beach Online Realtime Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes – Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

bali balangan beach

What happen in Balangan Beach after the pandemic, how is the wave there? Is still good to go to surf there ? Let’s get the answer with seeing the Balangan beach on real time. Don’t miss the sunset is amazing at the Balangan Beach Bali.

Kintamani Batur Volcano Online Realtime Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes – Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

Kinatamani batur volcano

The best chance to see the volcano, let see how is the last situations in Volcano Batur and see and view the amazing lake of Batur Lake. There is possibility to have online tour on early morning as the best of Bali sunrise view point at Batur Volcano.

Sanur Beach Online Realtime Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes – Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

Sanur Beach Bali
Boat from sanur to lembongan island

How is the beautiful white sandy beach Sanur now ? It’s still the same as before pandemic or more quite ? Let see on the real time virtual tour. We will take you around on mobile virtual realtime and see what new in Sanur white sandy beach.

Nusa Dua Beach Online Virtual Realtime Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes – Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

Nusa Dua Beach

Beautiful resort decorated with big nice hotel building, on the pandemic it may have not that lucky route. Tousand of worker has unemployed, and the beach with white sandy is still there with new condition. And how is look like ? Let see on realtime virtual tour online.

Bedugul Lake Bratan Temple Online Realtime Virtual Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes – Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

bratan lake temple

Beautiful lake side temple, on the cold climate in north of Bali. It’s one of the best popular attractiond must see in Bali on your travel time on the paradise. And after covid pandemic, somw point may be changed and let see before come to visit on realtime virtual tour with us

Lempuyang Temple Realtime Virtual Online Tour

Online Tour Duration : 60 Minutes – Tour Price 5 Usd Per Person

Lempuyang temple

The tour planed to Lempuyang got suppended ? Yes it was long time waiting for the chance to get visit the heaven Gate. But for now let see the heaven gate on virtual realtime tour. Before you step the land of Bali, know well the situation in advance with Virtual tour on realtime.

We miss you so much in Bali,

To book the amazing online virtual tour, we welcome you to contact us at :

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Kuta Bali
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Bali Back On – What’s Going On !

Kuta Bom Monument 8th November 2020 – 8Pm

Well planed by the end of the year 2020, which is 1st of December 2020. Bali has awards green zone covid 19 after big fight to survive and Bali international airport Ngurah Rai will be back to operate to welcome you to Bali. Valid information has been shared on every media and whatsapps messenger broadcast with happy read icon. And hopefully this is what happen it will be !

The night life in the city center of Kuta has been smoothly reopening with following highly health protocol. And on our real survey account on accomodation speciment, most of the Hotel’s and great villas is scrolling down the price to ensure the traveler can affords. And some picture of the city situations has been taken by our author and will show you to ensure the great location to stay for celebrating the new year party on the ends of 2020.


Pub Popular with Red Carpet on jalan Kayu Aya Oberoi

Seminyak Kayu Aya Street, among the street of Seminyak. The kayu aya street it seem busy as back to normal as before the pandemic covid 19. Traffic road not that busy as before, and many hotels and villas surrounding the area are only 10-20% filled on our estimate.

Seminyak Street


Legian Street, get more traffic incrased

Legian street it may popular with fully of traffic, but since pandemic the traffic is less then ussual. Some street lane is almost emty but now is starting to be on as it back to normal.

Popies Lane – Benesari Road

Popies Lane – Benesari Road

For the moment, the popies lane is quite empty. Most of the shop are closed, the picture are taken at Bali Local Time on 8th November 2020.

Padma Utara – Legian

padma utara – Padma Street Legian

By 08.15pm on the 8th November 2020. Padma street is still empty, many hotels a operated like ussual and it seem less visitor since we can see the light of the hotel is not properly turned on.

Werkudara Street Legian at 8pm 8th November 2020

Padang Galak Sanur

beach are not so busy yet

Hopefully Bali Tourism will be back shortly.

That’s a little bit news on whats going on in Bali. We hope the fresh news for the next step is coming soon. And if you have any question regarding Bali update, please fell free to drop an email to our email address at : or chat us on whatapps at +6282236087680