1 week food help for Bali friend, Seminyak Driver

Help out to knock the Heaven door

First we would like to wish thank you very much to get involved on this charity program. Its a program to deposite a Good Karma for better upcoming fortune. We understand everyone in all over the world has followed healt restriction and every one having a big hope for Covid 19 can be solved very soon in short time.

Since the passed two month ( Ends of february 2020 until now ). Bali has feeled with effect of Corona Virus. Specially with Tourism industry as the Paradise source of livelihood.

Thousand of worker terminated from their job. With no idea in conditions and what happening on the company where they are working, the employe only can surrender. With out money and no job, most of people turned back to the village from the city.  everyone is struggling for living with the last salary as the living amunitions they had. And now everyone is getting to meet hardest time for up coming week as we verified with accurated data survey.

Therefore we have commited with full of our ability to navigate the competision bussiness to the pit stop until the Covid 19 issue solved and willing to Help everyone by supllying the basic food for a week need for one family.

Delivery team charity & sponsored by Seminyak Tour

With limited personal data we have to deliver helping out. We invite you to join our charity program, with trust on investing a good Karma, with amount of 20 USD adopted from the number of the year 2020 will helping your friend to keep the basic food on their kitchen for 1 week a head.

How is work ? : 

  • Contact us personally and you can send us email at : seminyakdriver@gmail.com or whatapps number : +6282236087680
  • Contact your friend in Bali, ask the address, phone number, and whatapps number.
  • Inform us the detail address and personal contact
  • Free Delivery Contributions from us to all district / Bali Region. After purchase is done, we will continue to deliver the package direct with door to door help out.
  • We will send you notification by fresh picture containing with personal help delivered.

Inclusive on 1 week basic food : 

1 Week Basic food for friend in Bali
  • 5 KG Best Premium Rice quality
  • 30 Eggs ( Chiken Eggs )
  • 1 Liter Cooking Oil
  • 5 Paxs of Instans Noodle
  • 1 Kg Sugar & 500 Gram Coffee Powder
  • Door to door delivery

How is the purchase mode ? : 

  • Price : 20 USD for one package. The Payment purchase on Paypal, we will send the invoice personally to your email directly. Visa or Mastercard accepted with Free Bank Fee

Package will Deliver directly to the person addressed and of course with confirming availability time with receiver. For any of your inquiry please do not hestitate to contact us any time.

Thank you very much for blessed donature and here we have captured Best memory on successfully delivered packaged.

Delivered to Mr. Komang Nata. Address : Sidemen Karangasem Bali


Delivered to Mr. Kadek Dwi. Address Gianyar Bali 80511


Delivered to Mr. Wayan Sukra address in Temesi village East Gianyar Bali 80515


Delivered to Mr. Wayan Wira SE, Address Kerobokan Kuta Utara 80361 Bali

We will post next picture updated delivery again.


Delivered to Mr. Ketut Ari Address : Desa Bitra Ubud Bali


Delivered for Mr. Wayan Dedik Address Ubud Bali


Delivered to Mr. Nyoman Angga Address : Ubud Bali 80571


Delivery Team
Delivered to Mr. Nanda Address : Siangan Ubud Bali 80751


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Bali missing you, to be in Bali again

Helo every one and our family in all over the World. How are you doing ? We hope all of you in a good conditions and stay happy with your family at home. We are Seminyak Tour family want to say thank you to everyone for doing everything as possible to stop spreading the virus Covid 19. And also big thanks to our front liner who are helping to survive on this case.

Seminyak Tour Driver & Customer

We feel so sad of this awfull situations, goverment has doing the best and carefully to protect us from the infections covid 19. The statement has been lounched on the 2nd April to exstand the urgent Covid status it may until 21st of April 2020.

Closed at the moment until 21st April 2020

All of tourist attraction, pubs, night clubs is not operated, and supermarket also has to follow the instruction to operate the bussiness until 8pm only from 11am to begin. Seminyak Tour Driver has been operated since 10 Years for tourist driver and professional personal guide and we never found any case like this worse situations in Bali. Seminyak has been very quite since the Covid 19 exist. And we know this is difficult time to travel to Bali since goverment and all of us take a royal mandatory to follow the tutorial of healt to protect us from the Covid 19.

Bali Tour Guide

We have to concern with our healt and below family at home. Because this Covid 19 is very conteges and spread very fast, so please follow a international healt instruction by wash your hand after you touch anything and do not touch your face with out wash your hand in advance, use mask everywhere you go and don’t panic seeing and reading any news on every media. As the panic will make the conditions even worse because our body incrase the adrenaline and reduce the antibody imune system production. And keep stay on positively.

Bali tour guide

To be honest we missed our time to be together again in Bali, the day we life and laugh together, the day we share our culture and happiness, but we know this covid wilk break all of those happiness if we ignore the statement. So once again please stay at home for your best and get in touch until we could meet again in Bali.

Bali Spirit Tour

Keep your spirit up and we believe we all can pass true and winning the bad situations and we can get together again in Bali. We Seminyak Tour Driver team look for work to see you again in Bali as a friend and our big family. And lets help to heal the world together and please take care.

Putu Martika & Team

Seminyak Tour