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Ijen Blue Fire Private Trekking Tour

New Experience overland private tour Bali to Ijen Crater and blue fire, special presented by collaboration Seminyak Tour with En-Dag Trekking Tour Company. Spectacular blue fire at the Ijen crater ( Kawah Ijen ) on 2386 MDPL- above the sea level. Begin the trekking from the starting point with professional escort by English speaking tour guide fully equipped with trekking gear and air conditioned accommodation, breakfast and dinner with Indonesian delicious food. Enjoy door to door private pick up and drop off service in your Bali hotel and escort by modern car with friendly tour driver with installed WiFi on board. Seat and relax on crossing to Java island from Gilimanuk by comfortable exclusive ferry boat. It’s a special offers not to missed out to ensure your sweet memory to discover Kawah Ijen crater and Blue fire.

Ijen Blue Fire Trekking
Ijen Blue fire trekking tour

Ijen Blue Fire Tour Itinerary : 

Pick up from Bali Hotel

Bali To Ijen Volcano

Meet our friendly tour driver at your Bali hotel lobby, get ready to experience the adventure of Ijen Volcano located in the east of Java . Enjoy land cruise from your hotel to Gilimanuk Harbour to cross to Java Island with comfortable mini van for 1 to 4 person participant or Mini Bus for 1 up to 10 Person participant on private tour with large space room for your luggage.

En- Dag Trekking Terminal 

En-Dag Trekking Team
Trekking Team Team En – Dag

First stop will be at En-Dag Bali trekking terminal located well in Kerobokan Kaja Kuta Utara, enjoy express boarding and load with full information and equipment needed for Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Adventure and express trainee by professional trekking senior adviser at En-Dag Trekking terminal. Continue the trip to the Gilimanuk Harbour to cross to Java.

West Bali Rice Terrace

West Bali Rice Terrace

Stop at the amazing rice terrace view at the west of Bali, located near the Rambut Siwi Temple. records an amazing view on memorable journey to the next island. View the amazing mountain from the view point with amazing green terracing around the landscape.

Gilimanuk Harbour

Exclusive Boat Ride

Extraordinary experience on exclusive boat ride to java. Cruise with the giant on Selat Bali line from Gilimanuk port to Ketapang Port within 30 Minutes travel time. Seat and relax at the air conditioner room at the ship ferry Bali to Java. The boat has regular schedule Bali – Java on daily.

Ketapang Harbour

Boat Ferry To Ketapang

After the boat ride, you will be arrive in Ketapang Harbour. And continue our trip to the accommodation where located in Kelatak Village, Banyuwangi District.

Harmony Hotel Banyuwangi

harmony hotel banyuwangi

A night at the accommodation to provide your rest time before the adventure begin to Ijen Crater trekking route where located in one hour ride from the Harmony hotel Banyuwangi. Before having rest to wait trekking time, our friendly tour guide will take you for dinner at local restaurant and after dinner, rest time will be at the hotel until the adventure begin at 12 : 00 Am from the hotel lobby, our friendly tour guide and  driver will escort you to the start point discovering  Ijen Crater and Blue Fire.

Kawah Ijen Start Point

Kawah Ijen

Upon arrival at Kawah Ijen trekking start point, our tour guide will manage to arrange all registration need such as ticket, passenger registration , local guide permit ions and insurance stamp of validation. And continue with installing all trekking equipment as head flash light, hand flash light, pole hiking, breakfast box, mask, safety pack and other trekking equipment need.

Blue Fire at Kawah Ijen 

Ijen crater and lake

See the blue fire, lake , sulfur mining, and sunrise at the top as it come to be one of best memory you to take home.

Kawah Ijen View Point

Ijen Blue Fire
Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour

The amazing trip to discover Amazing Ijen Crater and Blue Fire. The total hiking tour will take you from the start point until it back to finish point, it will take 5 hours journey. Ends of the trekking, you will taken back to hotel after spectacular experience of Ijen Blue Fire trekking adventure. enjoy the refreshment of Indonesian breakfast at the hotel restaurant and get ready back to Bali on the afternoon with full bags of unforgettable amazing best adventure memory.

Ijen Blue Fire Estimate Travel Time : 

13 : 00 Pm : Pick up from your lobby hotel

14 : 00 Pm : Boarding at En-Dag Trekking Terminal, trainee and information extra presented by En-Dag Senior Trekking Advisor

14 : 30 Pm : Departure to Gilimanuk Harbour

16 : 30 Pm : Visit The West Bali Rice Terrace

17 : 00 Pm : Departure to the Harbour Gilimanuk

18 : 00 Pm : Arrive in Gilimanuk Port

18 : 05 Pm : Boarding at the Ferry Boat to Java

18 : 30 Pm : Arrival at Ketapang Harbour

17 : 45 Pm : ( Java Time its one hour back  ) Check in at Harmony Hotel ( Checkin time can be change according the weather and traffic conditions.

19 : 00 Pm : Dinner at Local Warung with alacharte Indonesian Menu

20 : 00 Pm : Back to Hotel After Dinner

20 : 10 Pm : Relax and nap at the comfortable hotel room, prepare to get ready for Ijen Blue Fire Adventure

12 : 00 Am : Departure from hotel lobby to Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Start point

01 : 30 Am : Arrival at Ijen trekking  start point, get ready and wear all equipment trekking gear , escorted with local professional friendly trekking guide. Embark the amazing ijen blue fire adventure trekking

03 : 00 Am : Arrive at the trekking first basecamp

03 : 45 Am : Explore and see the magical blue fire at the crater

04 : 30 Am : Enjoy the beautiful lake and see amazing sulfur with magical crater view.

05 : 30 Am : Get refreshment with breakfast box  provided at the Top view of Ijen Volcano

06 : 30 Am : Begin decent trip to the finish point from the crater view point area

08 : 00 Am : Arrive in the finish point and continue back to hotel.

09 : 30 Am  : Arrive in the hotel and enjoy your amazing breakfast at the restaurant. After breakfast, enjoy shower and rest at the hotel

12 : 00 Pm : Check out from the hotel

12 : 15 Pm : Arrival at Ketapang Harbour and boarding to ferry boat

13 : 00 Pm : Arrive in Gilimanuk and departure direct to your Bali Hotel.

15 : 30 Pm : Arrival in all surrounding area Ubud or  your hotel in southern Bali such as Seminyak, Kuta, Canggu, Seminyak, Legian, Kerobokan, Sanur , Denpasar. Get drop off with door to door services.

Ijen Blue Fire Tour Inclusion : 

  • Private Transportation Bali – Java
  • Professional English Speaking Tour Guide
  • Professional Engish Speaking Trekking Guide
  • Entrance Ticket at Ijen Volcano
  • WiFi on board
  • Ticket Ferry Return Bali – Java
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast Box
  • Mineral Water Bottle
  • Accomodation Room Air Conditioner in Java
  • Trekking Gear ( Poles – Mask- Flash Light- Gloves – Safety Pack – Rain Cover – Radio Comunication  )
  • Door to Door Pick up and drop off service
  • Air Conditioner Vehicle
  • Insurance

Ijen Blue Fire Tour Exclusion : 

  • Wind Breakers / Personal Jacket

Ijen Blue Fire Tour Private Tour Price : 

  • Single Traveler : Rp 3.250.000 IDR / Person
  • 2 Person Price : Rp 1.750.000 IDR / Person
  • 3 Person Price : Rp 1.250.000 IDR / Person
  • 4 Person Price : Rp 1.050.000 IDR / Person
  • 5 Person Price : Rp 1.029.000 IDR / Person
  • 6 Person Price : Rp     882.500 IDR / Person
  • 7 Person Price : Rp     850.000 IDR / Person
  • 8 Person Price : Rp     750.000 IDR / Person
  • 9 Person Price : Rp     671.000 IDR / Person
  • 10 Person Price : Rp   650.000 IDR / Person

Booking Access : 

Phone : +6282 236 087 680

Whatapps : +6282 236 087 680

Email : seminyakdriver@gmail.com

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/seminyaktourdriver

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Ijen blue fire trekking tour from seminyak

Seminyak Taxi Driver to Ijen blue fire

Is another overland great Adventure presented by Seminyak Driver Bali, one day and one night on private adventure to Kawah Ijen in the east of Java with special price 1.500.000 IDR per car MPV with 4 person passenger from Seminyak to Ijen volcano. Pick you up at the lobby hotel surrounding Kuta, Seminyak, Nusa Dua or Kerobokan and Canggu area, our friendly driver guide will take you to the Harbour of Gilimanuk in the west of Bali, Crossing By Ferry to Ketapang Harbour in the east of Java. Within 15 minutes, we taking a rest to prepare our adventure on the Hotel near by Ketapang Harbour. Begin the adventure on the midnight with Jeep Adventure 4×4 WD vehicle to take you to the start point of Ijen Volcano Trekking and the interesting place we will visiting on this tour will be begin from :

Gilimanuk Harbour

Bali To Java

Special and the only one harbour access to connecting the Both brother island Bali and Java by Ferry boat, the boat ride is taking about 30 minutes from starting at Gilimanuk to Ketapang Harbour.

Ketapang Harbour

Ketapang harbour

One of the important harbour in the east of Java, as the main gate supplying the logistic or many other thing needed to Bali, or to Lombok island. The boat ride crossing to Bali is available every 30 minutes all day long.

Berlian Hotel

Berlian Hotel

One of the best affordable hotel traveller choice base on the low price and good service catagory hotel near by Ketapang Harbour. Has a swimming pools allowed the customer refresh their body after trekking at Mount Ijen . Take a way breakfast also will be served on breakfast box. Clean ceiling fan room and air conditioner room are available with small tariff 150.000 idr per double room private ceiling fan and 200.000 idr for private air conditioned room .

Kawah Ijen Blue Fire

Seminyak to ijen volcano

Begin the adventure with 4×4 WD vehicle from the hotel on the middle of the night to be there on time to enjoy the natural vocanic life blue fire at Mount Ijen which is an active volcano erupted on 1999. Reach at the start point we going to take you to easy walk up to Ijen Volcano. Our local guide team will escort your adventure to admire the brilliant colours of mineral rich water, painted in eye-popping turquoise and brilliant yellow. Capture the natural blue fire from volcanic side, and then after the trip continue with our guide to the finish point adventure. The local guide fee is 200.000 IDR per group.

Tour Duration : 20 Hours Adventure

Ijen Blue fire tour itinerary time :

19 : 00 Pm departure to Gilimanuk port
22 : 00 Pm Arrival at Ketapang Port
22 : 20 Pm Check in Berlian Abadi Hotel
00 : 30 Am Jeep Drive to start point
02 : 00 Am Arrive at Paltuding
02 : 10 Am Trekking with local guide
04 : 00 Am arrive at The top Ijen blue fire
06 : 00 Am seeing creator view
08 : 00 Am back to Finish point
08 : 10 Am Jeep adventure back to hotel
10 : 00 Am Arrive back to Hotel
11 : 00 Am Departure to Ketapang port
11 : 15 Am Departure to Bali with ferry
12 : 00 Noon Departure to Bali Hotel
15 : 00 Pm Arrive back in Hotel Bali.

Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour Price :

Bali To Java

1.500.000 IDR per car MPV occupant 4 persons from Bali to Java and Back to Bali on an amazing adventure Blue Fire Ijen Volcano, more than 4 persons please feel free to send us inquiry.

Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Tour Included :

Private Air Conditioner Car, English Speaking Driver and Guide, Parking Fee, Mineral Water Bottle, Breakfast at Berlian Hotel, Toll Fee, Crossing Boat To Java By Ferry.

Ijen Blue Fire Trekking Excluded :

  • Guide Fee : 200.000 IDR per Group with maximum 4 Persons per guide English-speaking Ijen trekking. The guide are optional either you can take the local guide or follow the sign instruction with out local guide, with many direction sign on volcano trekking route.
  • accommodation : 200.000 IDR double room with Air conditioner or 150.000 idr for one double room with ceiling fan ( WiFi available at the hotel ) can be purchase at the Hotel.
  • Jeep Adventure service : 500.000 IDR per Jeep 4×4 WD included petrol, Driver and all jeep ride equipment.
  • Entrance ticket at Ijen Volcano 200.000 IDR per person can be purchase at the entrance Ijen Volcano on Sunday and 150.000 idr per person from Monday to Saturday.

What to bring : Mask, Jacket, Shoes trekking , money, camera, hat , hand towel, long pant, jumper.

Booking Access for Ijen Trekking 

Email : seminyakdriver@gmail.com

Phone : 082 236 087 680

Whatapps : 082 236 087 680

Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/seminyakdriverbali

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