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Seminyak to Fin’s Beach Club , or Karma Beach Ungasan. And Uluwatu Temple

Seminyak to Fin’s Beach Club , or Karma Beach Ungasan. And Uluwatu Temple

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Half day tour , price : 450.000 IDR   time start : Lunch Time prepared to be on the Karma Beach

Included private parking fee in Karma Resort ,petrol,air-conditioner car and driver

Located in south of Bali Island , one of the amazing exotic beach in southern part of Bali. Modern and style list way to access the Beach from Karma Resort with elevator and drive down directly to the Restaurant , the beach is very clean and super clean , possibility to have swim and having a lunch in Karma Restaurant prepared by Karma beach.  In This resort Beach all payment can be done for any transaction by cards so we don’t have to worry about bring enough cash, it may surcharge will be applied  3-5% to your bank fee . After finished in Karma beach we continues our route to Uluwatu temple to see Exotic sunset on Indian Ocean within 30 minutes drive from Karma Beach, also there is possibility to see Kecak and Fire Dance . in Uluwatu temple the sunset normally  at  6:00 Pm as following kecak and fire dance begin to play and to see the dance,we have to get an ticket for entrees within 100.000 IDR per Person and entrees  fee in Uluwatu temple is 20.000 IDR per person and Sarong as Balinese costume will be provided to ware to enter the Holy area of Uluatu temple , and we can borrow a sarong in Ticket counter.

Note : I will waiting for you in private parking until you finish , and satisfied enjoying the Karma Beach and Activities. And becare full in Uluwatu temple there is monkey some time they grab the glasses and Hat and even Shoes color full. I will assist you till finish in uluwatu temple , so don’t worry just need your attention with monkey .

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Air Port Bali Ngurah Rai to W Retreat Seminyak


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To day early morning i make a transport from Bali airport to Seminyak .And i get to go to Bali airport to pick up mr.Jonny and Family. I was so happy to be there on time. With my special tarif offer from Bali airport to seminyak only 100.000 idr for one car, and i was able to take mr jonny and his wife and 3 little boys with my car to hotel W Retrat Seminyak. With arrival flight at 6.30am so easy to get visa on arrival and even to find a parking space very easybinbthe morning also inbthe road there is no traffic. Meet mr.jonny and family at 7am and we continue our trip from Bali airport to yhe hotel w retreat seminyak and jut short drive in the morning we arrive in the hotel at 7:45am. Well it was smooth morning to day and i wish have a nice stay in W Retreat Seminyak Mr Jonny and family . I hope i can drive you again if you like to visit around the island of Bali.

Best Regards

Putu martika

Your seminyak bali driver.

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Seminyak Half Day Tours

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Duration 4-5Hours.
Price : 300.000 idr for transport and tour guide parking fee included .
Exclude : entrees fee
Start : 13:00 pm
Finish : 6.30 pm

Spend your holiday on beautiful journey with half day tour from Seminyak. Visiting Ubud and Tanah Lot Temple for sunset.

Route on half day :

1. Get pick up from Seminyak area and drive to Batuan Temple located south east of ubud. This is most popular amazing temple among by local village of Batuan Sukawati. Entreess fee is free but there is donation in this temple. Special thing that we get to borrow sarong as balinese costume to entering a sacred place of Batuan Temple.

2. Tegenungan Water fall, located east Ubud. The exsotic panorama presented on this water fall ,is lined by ayung river where is the river very popular to do water sport white water rafting in Ubud. Ticket is 10.000 idr per person.

3. By the afternoon we can having lunch in Ubud, may you can try typical of ubud food as crispy duck or ayam betutu chiken and spice bali on steam for lunch. Restaurant has alacharte menu and crisoy duck is the best one.

4. Visiting Coffee plantation in south west ubud, after lunch is the best time to have free coffee in coffee farm , here we can try most popular coffee luwak where coffee have been process on stomack of Luwak animal and pop out again and local normally say Cat Poo Chino
You must try . Its one of the best coffee in the world. Cost 50.000 idr per cup if you like to try luwak coffee the amazing coffee.

5. Last we continue our route to Tanah Lot Temple, very popular with other name as sea side temple on sunset . Best time to be here is around 5.30pm because the sunset will be start at 6.15pm so enough time to visit all area of Tanah Lot Temple. Ticket to entering Tanah Lot Temple is 30.000 idr per person.

6. After the temple we can stop over to having dinner in echo beach. One of world famous surfing spot and there is many amazing Bar and local restaurant served by the beach. High recommended to visist the beach house Grill Sea food . Where is fresh fish served and you can choice . After dinner we get back to the hotel with happy and staisfied day.

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Seminyak Diving in Tulamben with Aqua Dive Paradise


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Tulamben Aqua Dive Paradise contact phone number, i found it on the way to tulamben sign board info,  located in tow hundred meter next to central parking of Ship Wark Liberty tulamben . Easy acces with 10 meter walk to the beach make Aqua Dive Paradise in tulamben is the one of good option to start our diving to explore the Ship Wreck liberty in Tulamben .

To day i start with Mr. Steven and Girl friend miss lo, going to do diving in tulamben to explore the Ship USA liberty by using company of Aqua Dive Paradise Tulamben . Drivig 2,5hours from Seminyak to east of Bali till we reach at Tulamben at 10.30 am

Friendly welcoming staff make us fell comfortable as the owner i meet in the office that he offer me a job for transport from Canggu and seminyak  to Tulamben to Aqua Dive Paradise and i hope this coorporation bettwen us will be good in future . Mr. Steven and girl friend did book 2 time of dive and we pay only 55 usd per person with program Ship Wreck and Coral View and where is start at 11.00am till finish with having rest for 30 minutes after first dive . The dive master instructur very friendly and take them very carefully on dive tour  and over all both diving was amazing that is the comment from Mr. STEVEN and Girl friend.

Equipment in Aqua Dive Paradise Tulamben is show it very modern and the company even has a nitrox refill and and air oxygen refill, with license of PADI dive this company is suitable to choice for Diving in Tulamben. If you wan to Dive in Tulamben it may i can arrange the transport and call the Aqua dive paradise for you . So hope to see you in Bali and will be nice if there any chance for me to be a tour driver in seminyak for you.

Best Regards

Putu Martika


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Gianyar Night Market

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Gianyar Night Market 20 minutes drive East of UBUD

Has located in 20minutes drive East of Ubud , Gianyar Night Market is very popular of typical culinary Balinese food. Gianyar  night market has a popular name in local called Pasar Senggol , Gianyar night market is usually open  from 04:00 Pm till 23:00 Pm , there is so many different food where is friendly shop attendant will serve as a portion , if in restaurant we can say ala carte , in Gianyar night market the shop is sale their food on a  cart/Wagon and if we would like to buy some thing then we can ask the god as we want to buy , for example the Fried banana where we can have it for 5000 IDR if you just ask them they will serve you an a package with 10.000 IDR , is better to buy with dealing price in advance because not all the shop attendant can speak English , and some tips I can give you to bring a calculator machine  so if you don’t speak Indonesian that’s is the best way to make transaction  with everyone will understand with total account you will pay .  The typical food from Gianyar night market is Babi Guling or suckling pig and Ayam Betutu or Chiken Steamed , where you can found it in the begin entrees way to come in and also Balinese cake or local people say JAJE BALI for example lak-lak bali where is made from rice flour and coconut milk and serve with palm sugar syrup , is yummy and amazing taste , is one of amazing culinary place in Bali that you  have to visit on your holiday in Bali .

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Tantri Ceramic Museum and Factory Pejaten Tabanan

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Tanteri Ceramic Bali museum.

Located in South East Tabanan where is in Pejaten Village . On Tanteri Ceramic Bali Museum and Factory you can try to make your own desing and learn how to make a best quality of ceramic . In Tanteri Ceramic production has the best quality certivicate in Bali where is one of the best quality and art Bali Ceramic. Also with located just 20minutes from Tanah lot temple where is nice spot to visit while waiting sunset,  in Tantri Ceramic is there a special lesson to do learn to make a ceramic.  So i will recommend you to visit this ceramic factory on your way to tanah lot temple . Will be lot of Funto visit this cemaric house .

For more info please fell free to contact me if you have any inquiries.

Best regards

Putu Martika


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Transport from Seminyak D’Penjor Hotel to Puri Lumbung Munduk Village

Helo everyone, here with Putu Seminyak Bali Driver and Tour Guide in Seminyak . Now i would like to share my experience of yesterday 30th May 2015. It was beautiful journey start at 11.00am to Munduk Village from Seminyak D’Penjor Hotel located in Jalan Bidadari,phone number 0361 8465925 just near by Burger King Sunset Road.
Receiving email From Mr.Frazer McNeill for driving inquiry to drive him to Munduk from Seminyak at 08.00am and we have deal to leave at 11.00am .
I meet Mr.Frazer at the lobby D’Penjor Hotel Seminyak and we start our route to Puri Lumbung Hotel in Munduk Village and along the way we having stop to visit Taman Ayun Temple where is the funny situation is start. Once we arrive there the weather was clear and sunny day after we come closer to the Gate of Taman Ayun temple the weather is change just as claping hand and immidiatly rain falling down , I run to looking some place to hide from rain water and with out watching the road sleeppery i keep running to Bale Gong. And from other side there is chinese man runing fast to same place may be he don’t see i come from other side and Binggo we hit each other and both of us get wet and we laughing for while.
It may be some people can’t hold funny thing of me then everyone just laughing and looking at me. I was so say!
After while rain is stop , we continue our tour in Taman Ayun Temple and make a trip around the temple and we found no water on river side of Taman Ayun Temple may be will be there construction going on for improve the temple garden. So after the Temple Taman Ayun we continue our trip to north direction and we having next stop in Tegal Sari Coffee Plantation where on cold temperature having luwak coffee i fell so good and in this farm the friendly farmer also serve us many different tester coffee where is so good and free . Well one of best coffee i like is Ginseng Bali Coffee , and after we having coffee we come to the pabric and look around and having some coffee for souvenir back to Scootland. And for me i bouth for my wife ginger tea .
After the coffee farm we continue to Lake Bratan Temple
The View is so beautiful , this time i come in side to join mr frazer and we look around the temple , was super beautiful view. And so many kids from many different school having picnic on the garden . And then from Lake Beratan we continue to Munduk Village . And along the way we make a stop as well on view point of Twin Lake Buyan and lake tamblingan .
After resting stop we continue to the hotel Puri Lumbung Munduk well located on the second corner after the waterfall of Munduk phone 0362 7012887 ,After many corner and passing down hill we reach at the hotel.
Say thank you for mr Frazer to give me a chance to drive you and time for me to drive back to Seminyak from Munduk Village.
Well that was one of my experience on this week and many experience i will shared it on my blog post and if you need to know anything about Bali please dont hestitate to contact me at email : or contact me by phone at +62 (0) 82236087680
See you in Bali
Best regards

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Taxi From seminyak to ubud transport point

To day i do transport from Seminyak to Ubud promised with short cut faster to ubud , i had last minutes booking at 06:00am, I was on my dream when i pick up the phone and i finally made it . Thank you Mr.Thang Chui from singapore to give me chance to drive you and your fun big family to ubud . Having a no address and just get located pin on GPS in seminyak finally i found the villa Kresna the villa kresna is so nice and beautiful also funny way to find it just begind of Oberoi Hotel there is short cut lane where on each dirrection  there is security man control all the vehicle passing in and out of the lane can you guys imagine that ? Control the road all day long , well good for those tow fat guy help me this morning .
Be there at Villa Kresna at 8.30am as on request from Mr.Thang i made be there on 8.45am on this post i will say sorry sir aim late 15minutes but all good . We start our journey from Villa Kresna at 8.50am finally after some guest forget their thing, in and out from the car several time make us leave at 8.50am , on the way conversation begin from mr Liu family of mr Thang asking me would like to see a Balinese show where i remember the Barong and Kris Dance is start their show at 9.30am at Batubulan village so i explain him all about that Dance and on the midle way get to ubud all decided to see that famous show in Bali so lucky i found alternative way to get that village pass true mc.donald Denpasar corner we turning left and pass all the small lane and make us pop up at Tohpati is quite fast with that small road even on hurry time , on big four juntion tohpati road we turning left and bravo we are in Batubulan village make us there 9:40am dance just started 10minutes paying ticket only 100.000idr per person i was surprice ticket price incrase up 10.000 idr since this weak may be following to combine with petrol price and finally we did see the show Balinese Barong And Kris Dance . After that we continue our trip to ubud where is just 1 hour to go from Batubulan village . On our cruise some place just pass by where the building is look amazing for mr thang to see that and he ask me “putu what is that building ,why so many balinese wearing white costume there ? ” i explain  him that is Batuan Temple where is the one of three important temple in the village belong to the God we Balinese trusted Brahma and Wisnu and we have stop by this temple to see inside and to knows more of this place and also before we entering this temple the local village there in Batuan has serve us a Balinese Sarong so we can borrow to ware in to entering the Temple and by the time we finished visiting the temple we just forget to give some donation as for Goodluck and i decided to run from the parking car to the sarong counter to bring back the sarong and put little donation in the box donation . I like of this temple is not put any tarif ticket to visit the temple where other temple has to be . Then we continue our trip to ubud on mas village we make another stop to see the wood carving and mawang village to see some art of painting where ubud very popular of art if e dont see this village where located next each other we will fell miss some thing in ubud . 10 minutes our way to ubud some one tell me hungry what is tipical food in ubud ? I immidiately tell them Crispy Duck and Betutu Chiken or suckling pig  because that is favorite food in Ubud instead of many western food and other restaurant on the road serve same thing and all decided to try crispy duck and car turn left on t juntuin of central ubud and i turn to Joni resto where local and foreign go to get real ubud food tipycal and every one has enjoy the food, and i talk to my belly “oh boy ,full are you with crispy duck ?” Yes all finished and we drive back to the city ubud and drop all to the Hotel Pertiwi Resort located just on the main street next to moneky forest . So finally i wish thank you for mr.thang for nice lunch and also nice trip to ubud from seminyak . And i get back drive alone from ubud to seminyak again and turn on my music hope some one join me from ubud to seminyak
Yes that was my adventure to day with promised one hours direct to ubud changed on the way be 5hour to ubud with satisfied for every one .
Again thank you very much for Mr.Thank Family . Hope to see you again sir
Best Regards
Putu martika
Seminyak Driver Bali