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Cokorda Rai Ubud Healer Pass Away

On Sunday ,april 18th 2021 at 5 AM in the morning Cokorda Rai healer confirmed died on the 91 years old at Ganesha Hospital because he was having a fracture surgery. His life was dedicate for Balinese healing treatment.

meet cokorda rai

He was famous in Bali and around the world, special also on his healing was listed on Eat Pray Love by Julia Robert ” book writer”. And also many people visited him to get a balinese treatment healing. Who came abroad not only do a balinese treatment they can learning about traditional medicine and herbs as well.

Cokorda Rai has two wife, The name of his first wife is Cokorda Istri Negari and from the first wife Cokorda Rai and Cokorda istri Negari have five kids. But sadly,around past 35th years his wife passed away and leave them. And not wait so long, around a year Cokorda being a single parents, he finally meet with Ketut Lestari from Buleleng north Bali and they Got Married.

Cokorda rai healer

Cokorda Rai with his second wife name is Ni Ketut Lestari, they have four kids. Cokorda Rai, was 35 years did the balinese healing, start from self thought and get taksu or spirit power from an ancestors in Ubud Palace that’s why he got deeper into a balinese treatment and healing ( Usadha ).

The treatment performed like as nerve accupressure,creates mudras and exhallation.
This use nine level of mudras and body movement. Treatment technique refers to Balinese poam from his anchestor.
In this treatment he use also inner power to distribute a pure energy to the patient.

Bali cokorda rai healer

With a limitation of movement, Cokorda Rai will having a cremation manage by family of Royal Puri Negari and supported by Ubud Royal Family. And of course all the cremation ritual willing to follow the health protocol due the pandemic of Covid 19.

And the alternative or other option for Traditional healing, blessing, cakra also energy transfer and other healing, we can recommend you to visit Jro Gede Eka Sukawati. There is a lot mistery that you will discover on your body and you can see what the best you can do for the future health. For now there is another option that you can meet with Jro gede Eka sukawati online for healing consultations on Zoom. You can find more information about Jro Gede Eka Sukawati on the other page ( Click Here )

If you have any question, please fell free to let us know. My self and my team at Seminyak Tour will be happy and welcome to help you from Bali.

And Cokorda Rai, we wish thank you for your help and with a big hope, we pray for you hopefully you get the best place on the heaven.


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Seminyak Balinese Healer Traditional Recommended

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Cokorda Rai the healer in Ubud, Pak Cirkus / Pak Sirkus the healer in Canggu and Ida Bagus Aji the healer in Gianyar that we have visited to day. Balinese Traditional Healing is one of the best alternative to maintenance sickness which is undetected on medical services. Aim Putu Martika in Seminyak Driver will present the clarifications Balinese Healer in Bali.

Healer as Balinese people we call it also Balian ( Balian is the Bali Traditional Doctor ) and category of treatment in traditional Balinese Healing we call it USADHA which is ” Usadha” mean healing all the sickness by used plans and herbals and also combination of spirit power of the Healer and blessing from the God.

As Balinese people and have an Hindu religion we believe a karma and life circle of reincarnations. And the modern life style is rapidly change human mind sett to make everything on their life become faster and profitable. And as the Balinese we understand  there is ancestry who is following an Black Magic with the typical of jealous character and White Magic which is following the good way and bless on religion of Hindu . And we have to noted : Black magic and White magic all is created and blessing by God and the human become a healer ”the holy man” or ”a mangku” in Bali it’s selected on by a spirit and automatically understand about Usadha or Healing.

On this opportunity  have visited Pak Sirkus the Healer in Canggu , and pak sirkus in canggu is very popular and well known in Bali about his treatment on a mussel problem for example : Sprain on mussel , gout waist, fracture,and also magical sickness which is will be well treated by Pak sirkus the healer with making some mussel massage , on his talent traditional way to maintenance the sickness and what to bring to visit the balinesse healer is only some offering call canang sari and some money as you can afford it, and if you have an paint on mussel or accident on bone pak cirkus is the one you have to visit while you are in Bali.

Seminyak to ubud is our route After we visiting Pak Sirkus the healer in canggu and visit tjokorda ray or Cokorda rai Ubud  in Negari Village, visiting the Puri or House of Cokorda Rai in Ubud please ware a sarong as Balinese costume, and consultations with cokorda rai  is one of the best way to knows about future by reading your hand and watching a line of your head , cokorda rai will telling you all about your future and of course he is very talent to knows about the time you have passed.  Ida cokorda rai also well knows about healing on magical spirit , as for example some one get heart from Black magic and undetected sickness , and visiting cokorda rai we have to bring some offering call Pejati alit and that offering we can buy on small local market also there is some money as what i see some one put it on offering and i have asked it is around 250.000 IDR for Balinese healer fee that is included traditional herbal medicine. Cokorda Rai is open his services healing for public from 9 am till 5 pm daily accept important day as balinese calendar wuku ” Pasah” as informed by his family when i was visited him view days ago. if you wish to visit cokorda rai please let me know and for sure will arrange everything you need.

After we visiting Cokorda Rai we continue to visit the Healer in Gianyar located in Pasdalam Village and his place is on the corner of foot ball field in east coast of Open stage building in Gianyar palace , Ida Bagus Aji is one of the healer had his own healing spirit by family lineage, he do his healing following command of lineage family and automatically he practice healing with spirit God instructions , he used media and object for healing and also combine with herbal leave as for example betel leaf , leaf magic, and some sacred weapons to remove the illness and magical sickness by touch the skin of the patients, there is little hard to wait for him at his place because he still work at the hotel in ubud area , and also there is specific time he will be there at his palace start from 7 pm till finish all local people come to his place to have healing services, aim very proud to see what he is doing to help local people to get read of magical sickness. The great story we have seen from patient when we was there, that some one has been attack by black magic from business competitor and patient can’t walk because is heart on his feet , after we show Healer bless some holy water and put the betel leaf on his legh and some thing come out from the piece betel leaf like iron or metal which is on the local we call it ”santet”  and after the treatment the patient is back to walk like normal , is an unbelievable some like big metal pop up from patient leg on right side.

that is one of the great story of our visiting healer in Bali , and if you have chance and to see the healer in Bali please fell free to contact me , and let me know what is your problem , with my high experience i will advice you and take you to the right healer in Bali. for any of inquires please fell free to contact me at email : and also aim available on whatapps at +62 082 236 087 680 also call phone any time you need on my number

God Bless and stay safe from black magic by pray to the God.

Kind Regards

Putu Martika

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