Making Base Rajang
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Authentiq Bali Traditional Cooking Class

Answer your guess work, where to find a real authentique local Balinese food and how to make it ! Presenting a new private traditional cooking class tailored with exploring the traditional morning food Market. Introducing 8 receipt of Balinese food on private cooking class. Enjoy the real food Balinese lunch at the local family dinning table. In touch with young coconut leaf and creat the offering as a extra point in this amazing day out. Get the pick up from your hotel lobby and let’s add more experince to take home with full bags sweet memory in Bali.

Authentiq Balinese Cooking Class

Balinese Traditional Cooking Class with Lunch. Get the pick up from your Hotel lobby at 09 : 00 Am, and our friendly tour driver will company you to the new experience of Balinese Traditional Cooking Class. Begin the session from the first stop to visit the Gianyar Traditional Market, where is located in the heart of Gianyar town about 15 Minutes from Ubud Center and 60 Minutes from Kuta – Seminyak or Canggu. Discover the authentiq of Bali, Gianyar Morning Market is presented all fresh cooking ingredients such as vegetable , meat, spice, herbs and the unique of the traditional market you can see on your visit, the market also has a skater that devide the clothing shop and offering for Balinese ritual shop. Unique, colorfull, and fresh containt like a local Balinese it is presented on your Experience visit at Morning Gianyar Traditional Market before heading to our private Balinese cooking class.

Gianyar Market
Gianyar Traditional market

Experience Balinese Traditional Cooking class with authentique Balinese culinary disesh. The cooking class will be presented at the Sidan village within 10 minutes from Gianyar city center. Its hosted by friendly Balinese family, welcome you with warms greeting and smile to their lovely home and kitchen. Let’s add more new experience culinary Balinese traditional typical food and cake receipt, use a fresh ingredients with out MSG or food chemical taste. Upon arrival at the Sidan Village, you will be taken to Balinese family lovely home, the activity is begin from introducing a Balinese traditional house concept and structor which is has five different building where each building has different funtion and every building has different name such as : Bale Daje / Gedong the north building, Bale Dangin / East Building, Bale Delod / South Building, North East Building as the Family Private Temple, West Building / Bale Dauh and enjoy more with owner. Presented a welcome drink at the guest or family lounge or commont area. Enjoy a fresh cup of hot Bali coffee or warms tea at the relaxing commont area , and continue to the next activity to make offering and cooking class.

balinese offering
Making Balinese offering

I . Making a offering, enjoy the experince to learn making balinese offering as it called Canang for daily Hindu offers for blessing of the day, based on young coconut leave main material and fully combination colour of Bali flowers and pandan leaf as ornamented the offering and tailored with a clip of Bamboe.

Bali Cooking Class

II. Cooking class, on the session you will taken to the Balinese traditional kitchen that located in south building, fully equipment with traditional cooking sett and using a wooden fire to cook the main course. Step by step you will introduce following the real Balinese receipt of local food of ” Nasi Campur ” a beautiful combination of meat, rice , vegetable , and also Balinese cake “Dadar Gulung ” as a desserts.

Making Base Rajang
Making Base Rajang

1. Making “Base Rajang” The class will start from making a Balinese Souce as the souce for the main course and the name is ” Base Rajang ” the base rajang is a purely mixing of many different local spices and herbs and fried with virgin coconut oil. The process making base rajang as Balinese souce.

Nasi Sela Bali
Nasi Sela Bali

2. Making “Nasi Sela” a traditional steam rice with extra sweet potato on the rice. You can learn and practice the following receipt from soaking a rice till is steam mix with bean of sweet potato square. If you prepare a plain rice, you can request a rice with out sweet potato.

Balinese Cooking Class making Tum

3. Making ” Tum ” with meat Babi ( Pork ) or Ayam ( Chiken ) we can make special request following the meat for cooking. The ” Tum ” is a Balinese traditional side dish that presented on Nasi Campur. Its a smooth meat mixture with Balinese souce wraped by Banana leaf and steamed on perfectly temperature until is fresh fully cooked and produce a very delicious aroma and taste , the tum Babi will be plated on serving a Balinese Nasi Campur.

Making Sate Ayam

4. Making ” Sate Ayam ” is a square meat inserted on a bamboe stick that rub on balinese special sacred souce that will be presented on cooking time. Grilled with special wood live coals that heat perfectly from side to side till it cooked and ready to serve on serving plate.

Making Sayur Urab
Making Sayur Urab

5. Making a ” Sayur Urab” the best combination of fresh short boiled vegetable on perfect temperature , mixture with grated young coconut and base rajang. a little sprinkling of small pieces fried onion and slice of fresh young orange leaf, It presenting pefect and delicious taste that you will never forget it.

Balinese Cooking Class
Balinese Cooking Class

6. Making ” Balinese soup or Kare” a super delicious soup that made from chiken and spice of Base Rajang, and mixtured with coconut milk and little bit of pinaple. Boild on soft touch medium fire till it come ready and yummy. Fully receipt you can get on your practice and dont forget to remember.

Perkedel corn

7. Making ” Perkedel ” a Balinese side dishes is made from combanation corn , sacred receipt Balinese ingridients and also little bit of eggs and flower . Fried deep on short time till it come gold brown and fine the taste as the best of long life experience.

Dadar Guling

8. Making a ” Dadar Guling ” a Balinese deserts, a unique plavour is come from juice of Daun Suji mixtured with young coconut milk, granted coconut and palm sugar and of course special sacred receipt of dadar guling. Roll and make on stinsir diameter with finally result of beautiful and tasty Dadar Guling.

Balinese food

After the cooking class is finish, you will taken to the plating room to decorated plate with Banana leaf and ready to serve fully Balinese food culinary experience for your Lunch or Dinner Time.

Lunch with Balinese Food
Lunch With Balinese Food

After Having a meal, you will taking back to your hotel by our friendly tour driver and of course with fully Balinese Village Culinary memory for long life Experience

  • Fully equiped with traditional  Kitchen sett
  • Cooking Ingredients
  • Friendly hosted by Balinese Chef
  • Used natural organic ingredients
  • Private Cooking Class
  • Hotel Pick Up and Drop Off
  • Private Transport
  • Lunch with Delicious Balinese food
  • Welcome drink
  • Bottled water
  • Special receipt sacred Balinese food
  • Insurance

The Private Cooking Class Price 

  • 1 Person : 750.000 IDR
  • 2 Person : 600.000 IDR Per Person
  • 3 Person : 550.000 IDR Per Person
  • 4 Person : 475.000 IDR Per Person
  • 5 Person : 450.000 IDR Per Person
  • 6 Person : 435.000 IDR Per Person
  • 7 Person : 423.000 IDR Per Person
  • 8 Person : 412.500 IDR Per Person
  • 9 Person : 405.000 IDR Per Person
  • 10 Person : 400.000 IDR Per Person


  • Personal Shopping Expenses

Transported by Modern Air Conditioner Car

Seminyak Mini Bus
Seminyak Mini Bus

Booking Access :

Booking Access 

Email :

Phone : +62 82 236 087 680

Whatapps : +62 82 236 087 680

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Seminyak Tour to Ubud Hidden Heritage and Jungle Swing

Experience the best of Ubud on the perfect timing and schedule to avoid the crowded, this private tour will take you to visit Monkey forest, Ubud Market, the Ubud village and country side, Taman Saraswati Temple, Tegalalang rice terrace and amazing jungle swing, Goa Gajah or Elephant Cave Temple, Lunch at typical balinese cullinary warung and restaurant, visit the Bali Cofee plantation and tailored with Tegenungan Waterfall before heading back to hotel, provide comfortable transportation air conditioner modern car, English speaking tour driver with photography expert to help you to capture the best memory of Ubud on day tour

The itinerary on this private tour : 

1. Visit Monkey Forest Ubud 

Ubud Monkey Forest

Beautiful cave entering the forest will present a great fun experience discovering the monkey forest of Ubud. With a fresh air on the tropical forest, will present the amazing time to see the tropical monkey on their habitat, An amazing Siwa temple and great walk on the wood  brigde beside the tjampuhan river is a plus point visiting the monkey forest.

2. Ubud Traditional Market

ubud market

Browse the souvenir at the world famous art market in the heart of the paradise Bali island, will going to visit on this tour, an amazing art represent to the visitor as for souvenir unforgettable holiday from Bali. Enjoy your time to explore a unique stuff in surf time at the market.

3. Taman Saraswati Temple

Taman Saraswati Temple

The beautiful temple located in the heart of Ubud down town. Saraswati temple is a special temple ornamented with beautiful carving building attached unique Balinese concept sculpture. And it surrounding by Lotus Pond on middle side temple area. Take a great photograf for your best memory for your best of Ubud explore time at Taman Saraswati Temple.

4. Rice Terrace and Jungle Swing

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Experience jungle swing above the beautiful rice terrace, see the excotiq nature breathtaking view of Tegalalang Rice Terrace, capture your sweet posse and add more fun picture on your best collection social media

5. Lunch with the Ubud local meal

lunch_ rice_field_bali
Lunch at rice field view

Enjoy the best of Ubud culinary, crispy duck or chiken betutu ( steam chiken ) you can enjoy at the small restaurant of Ubud with small price for big taste and great delicious meal. Vegetarian food is also available. Let’s try and add your experience with all fresh cooked meal from the kitchen Ubud local lunch

6. Ubud coffee and tea time 

Bali Coffee Plantation

Special education on agriculture will be present on our visit at the plantation, a local farmer will introduce how the Bali farmer processing their chocolate,cofee and herbal tea production. enjoy fresh cup of tea and coffee will be presented at the plantatation as the plus sensation visiting coffee plantation.

7. Goa Gajah / Elephant Cave Temple

Goa Gajah Temple

The heritage of Bedahulu Dinasty that founded as mentioned in old javanese poam, Ubud hidden temple ornamented with beautiful stone carving facing as Elephant. Surrounding by tropical forest and river at the down side of the blessing area. There is some step as not much to pass for access visiting Goa Gajah temple.

8. Tegenungan Waterfall

Waterfall Tegenungan

Beautiful waterfall on the southern of Ubud as our last stop visiting Ubud on the day tour, tegenungan waterfall is a hidden treasure, become very popular after high rank posted on istagram and other social media. And it’s true Tegenungan waterfall is one of the best natural attraction that you have to visit on day tour of Ubud Experience. Get ready for a full bags of amazing sweet memory of Ubud.

Travel time estimate : 

09 : 00 Am : Departure from your hotel

10 : 00 Am : Visit Monkey Forest Ubud

11 : 00 Am : Visit Market Ubud & Saraswati Temple

12 : 00 Pm : Visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace & Swing

13 : 00 Pm : Lunch at local Restaurant

14 : 00 Pm : Visit Coffee Plantation

15 : 00 Pm : Visit Goa Gajah Temple

16 : 00 Pm : Visit Tegenungan Waterfall

17 : 00 Pm : Back to Hotel with full fun experience

Price A . Private Tour all entrance ticket Included

  • 1 Person : Rp.800.000 IDR
  • 2 Person : Rp.550.000 IDR Per Person
  • 3 Person : Rp.470.000 IDR Per Person
  • 4 Person : Rp.425.000 IDR Per Person
  • 5 Person : Rp.400.000 IDR Per Person
  • 6 Person : Rp.383.000 IDR Per Person

Price B . Private Tour Excluded Entrance Ticket and give you more opportunity to customise the tour of Ubud.

  • Private Tour provide with Mini Van for 1 up 6 Person occupantcy Rp. 500.000 IDR  petrol, driver ,toll fee and parking fee included
Hotel Transfer
Modern Air Conditioner Vehicle

Entrance Ticket Information for Price B available to purchase at the attraction on day tour. 

  • Monkey Forest Ubud : Rp. 80.000 IDR per person
  • Tegalalang Rice Terace : Rp. 10.000 IDR Per Person
  • Goa Gajah Temple : Rp. 50.000 IDR Per Person
  • Tegenungan Waterfall : 20.000 IDR Per Person
  • Jungle Swing Optional : 200.000 IDR Per Person

Included on Private Tour 

  • Private modern air conditioner car 6 seater
  • English speaking tour driver
  • Tour escort on every attraction
  • Hotel pick up and drop off service
  • Mineral water bottle
  • Free WiFi internet Access during the tour
  • Entrance ticket all attraction on price A
  • Able to Customise the itinerary as your request
  • Coffee and tea cup at coffee plantation
  • Parking fee and toll fee

Exclusion on this private tour :

  • Entrance Ticket on Price B
  • Lunch as personal expenses
  • Souvenir expenses
  • Sun block
  • Hat and Camera

Departure Point :

We come to pick you up,our Friendly tour driver will meet you at the lobby hotel and the area of our pick up and drop off sevice available in all surrounding hotel location in :  • Seminyak • kuta • Nusa Dua • Canggu • Jimbaran Central • Bali Airport Area • Legian • Kuwum • Umalas • Canggu Tua • Kerobokan • Denpasar • Sanur • Ketewel beach • Keramas Beach • Sanur Beach • Sanur Harbour • Sanur Downtown • Gianyar • Blahbatuh • Saba Beach • Ubud town • North Ubud • East Ubud • West Ubud • South Ubud / Blahbatuh • Gianyar Timur/ East Gianyar.

Booking Access 

Email :

Phone : +62 82 236 087 680

Whatapps : +62 82 236 087 680

Facebook :

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ATV Quad Bike Ubud Waterfall Snorkeling Blue Lagoon Private Tour

Seminyak Tour Driver still the only one !  For your Best Choice Tour and adventure.  conquer the curious of challenge ATV Quad Bike Bali on explore amazing trekk ventura and Snorkeling at Duos great under water view in Blue Lagoon and Tanjung Jepun well known of exotiq paradise in Padang bai Bali. The amazing journey also tailored with lunch by the beach, visit time at Bali agro tourism and best of Ubud panoramic view of Tegenungan Waterfall on amazing private day tour. Door to door private service from Friendly tour driver will pick you up from the lobby hotel at 08 : 00 Am and enjoy comfortable driving experience with modern air conditioner vehicle on a private tour. The adventure tour will be ends back at your hotel lobby at 18 : 00 Pm with fully fun and joy of Bali Adventure

The itinerary of The Amazing Adventure 

Blue Lagoon Snorkeling spot

Snokeling blue lagoon

With traditional fiber boat on modern engine will take you to the world famous underwater life coral view with a lots of variant fish. Integrated with calm wave you will able to have an chance to see the cattle fish, coral reefs on bottom volcanic sandy view. You will enjoy the amazing snorkeling at Blue Lagoon within 1 hour snorkeling duration at amazing blue lagoon

Tanjung Jepun Snorkeling spot

Tanjung Jepun snorkeling

Well known as the best of the best snorkeling spot, the tanjung jepun is suite for beginer and who love the photografy underwater. Get the lucky chance by meeting a turtle on their habitat and finding a colourfull fish as world popular name as Called Nemo hidden of seaweeds
The duration snorkeling on tanjung jepun is 1 hour for your amazing time to experince viewing underwater of tanjung jepun

Lunch by the beach

Lunch by the Beach at Padang bai

Indonesian and western food will be presented after the snorkeling, pick your lovely food and beferage on alacharte menu at the restaurant by the beach. Vegetarian and Halal food also available.

Coffee Plantation

Bali Coffee plantation

One of the best growing agro tourism in Bali as famous of their coffee as Luwak Coffee ‘’ Civet Coffee “ and original Bali Coffee, Ubud Village where is the location of the hectare of large coffee plantation popular in Bali. Find out how the process of Bali coffee productions and also we can learn about  how is cooking process and how they grow the spice as saffron, vanilla , and cocoa . Try the tester product of their original is one of the best experience to visiting this plantations

ATV Ride

Bali atv ride

The Adventure on four wheel ATV single ride or Tandem Ride , this adventure is the great way to conqure the challenge while explore and get closer to the beauty of Bali, fell comfortable getting to know how to ride an ATV with instructions from professional guide and instructor with automatic ATV gear box. So you don’t have to worry about complicated clutch. It’s just need to do increase and reduce the accelerator on hand right side

Tegenungan Waterfall 

tegenungan waterfall

The favorite waterfall in Bali, taking a great moment to have selfy on stage by scenery green amazing view of Tegenungan Waterfall. Located on the middle of Petanu River where is exactly on Kemenuh village, is become popular as a tourist attraction because it’s easy to access to the waterfall and the view if you compare to other waterfalls as nowhere can beat the Tegenungan waterfall Panorama.

Tour Duration : 10 Hours 

Time estimate itinerary tour
08 : 00 Am = Departure from your hotel
09 : 30 Am = Arrive at Padang Bai and prepare for trainee and snorkeling equipment
09 : 40 Am = Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon
10 : 40 Am = Snorkeling at Tanjung Jepun
11 : 40 Am = Snorkel inish back to the port
11 : 50 Am = Arrive back and take shower
12 : 15 Pm = Having Lunch
13 : 00 Pm = Departure to Coffee plantation
13 : 30 Pm = Visit Coffee plantation
14 : 30 Pm = Departure to Atv Quad Bike
14 : 45 Pm = Enjoy 2 hours Adventure ATV
16 : 45 Pm = Departure to Waterfall
17 : 15 Pm = Visit Tegenungan Waterfall
18 : 00 Pm = Back to Hotel with fully fun and joy experience Bali adventura

Tour Inclusion :

  • Coffee and tea at coffee plantation
  • Transport by Private air conditioner car
  • Private tour
  • Insurrance in all activity
  • Air conditioner Vehicle private service
  • Transport by air-conditioned minivan for 1 to 6 person participant on private tour
  • Transport by air-conditioned MiniBus for 14 person participant on private tour
  • English Speaking Driver
  • Bottled water drinking
  • Guaranteed to skip the long lines

Tour exclusion

Entrance ticket to purchase at the attraction directly on the day tour

1. Snorkeling ticket 305.000 idr per person included with :

  • Proffesional traineer snorkeling
  • Snorkeling at Blue Lagoon 1 Hour
  • Snorkeling at Tanjung Jepun 1 Hour
  • Snorkeling equipment with traditional boat
  • Lunch at the sea side with indonesian or western food menu alacharte after snorkeling experience
  • Fish food for fish interaction on snorkeling

2. ATV Ticket single ride 500.000 idr or Tandem ride 750.000 idr per person included with :

  • Professional Atv trainee Guide
  • American standard safety Atv equipment
  • Locker at ATV Quad Bike adventure, Change Room and Towel
  • Amazing trekk Atv adventure

3. Tegenungan Waterfall 15.000 idr per person

4. Souvenir or shopping expenses

Special Feature : Pick up – drop off and Hotel transfer on day tour available on request to your hotel in : Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, Payangan, Gianyar, Sanur, Kintamani, Kerobokan,Canggu

What you have to bring on this tour : 

  • Towel
  • Camera / under water camera
  • Sun block
  • Change clothe
  • Money to purchase the ticket entry
  • Hat if nessesary to avoid hot weather

Tour Price :

Seminyak Tour Driver Mini Van

Private Tour Price : 500.000 IDR per car with private MPV occupant with 6 passenger with out luggage and 4 person with luggage

Traveler recommendation on Tripadvisor 

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Booking access of this tour :

Email :

Phone : +62 (0) 82236087680

Phone : +62 (0) 82341342087

Whatapps : +62 (0) 82236087680

Facebook page :

Ground transport LCT ( Low Cost Travel )

Fast Boat bali to gili
  • Seminyak to Gili Trawangan on speed boat with hotel transfer only 250.000 idr per person one way included breakfast and water bottle. By Karunia Jaya express boat product of Jon Bali Express . Pick up time 06 : 00 am from seminyak hotel – Boat Departure 09 : 00 am from padang bai and reach Gili Trawangan at 10:15 am on schedule
Bali transfer service
  • Seminyak to Amed beach hotel area with private car air conditioner transport with only 500.000 IDR on maximum up to 4 person traveler on private mini van.
  • Seminyak to Tulamben beach hotel area with private car air conditioner transport with only 550.000 IDR on maximum up to 4 person traveler on private mini van.
  • Seminyak to Lovina beach hotel area with private car air conditioner transport with only 550.000 IDR on maximum up to 4 person traveler on private mini van.
  • Seminyak to Pemuteran hotel area with private car air conditioner transport with only 750.000 IDR on maximum up to 4 person traveler on private mini van.

More Day Tour Available 

Ubud Swing Private Day Tour 

bali swing tour

Gate Heaven Tour

lempuyang temple tour

Ubud Traditional Village Tour

Gianyar Market
Ubud Traditional market

Ulundanu Bratan Jatiluwih Private Tour

bratan lake temple

Ubud Waterfall Rice Terrace Tour

tegenungan waterfall

Sekumpul Dolphin Waterfall Sunrise Tour

Dolphin Sunrise Tour

Bali Water Sports Sunset Tour

Bali watersports Sunset Tour

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour

Batur Volcano Sunrise Tour

ATV Quad Bike Ayung River Tour

Ayung Rafting Bali Bali Tour

West Penida Tour

kelingking beach
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The Best Price Seminyak Bali Travel Tours 2018

Visit Seminyak on a coming holiday to celebrate  Christmas and New Years 2018 will be so much fun on Bali vacation. And travel to Seminyak with  your family or partner is one of the best choice location to stay in Bali, mostly the hotel in Seminyak located on the city center and near by the beach. club and restaurants by easy access with a minutes walk from the hotel surrounding the area of Seminyak. Make a day tour from Seminyak to Bali Attraction is very easy. On a  short notice to Seminyak Driver Bali as your tour guide in Seminyak we are ready to present our best service as your travel partner in Bali with comfortable modern air conditioner car MPV model, baby seat are available with free of cost hire, English speaking host on high experience and knowledge about Bali culture and tradition, and Mini Van or Mini Bus also an easy arrange with a short notice with

Seminyak taxi driver and tour Guide

let’s plan your amazing journey with begin with love and ending with sweet unforgettable memory on a day tour traveling surrounding attraction access from Seminyak or Kuta area . Here we have listed an tour and adventure advice as the most traveler wanted and do from Seminyak Bali. With a pleasant to answer your inquiry, please do not hesitate to send us your inquiry for more information need at our contact detail :

Booking Contact

Email :

Phone  : +62 082 236 087 680 

Whatapps : +62 082 236 087 680 

Available Hot Line 24/7 and Fast arrange on Last Minutes Booking 

Let’s choose your great day adventure or sightseeing tour base on our program tour or customize your tour and let us take you to the attraction where the other just tell you . Here is our listing great day tour advice for tour detail click the image   :

1. Private Transport Return to Bali Safari and Marine Park 

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Private transport return trip from Seminyak to Bali Safari and Marine Park and back to Seminyak or Kuta, a corporation Seminyak Driver Bali and Bali Safari Marine Park to ensure the comfortable transport and easy access to Bali Safari and Marine Park, book your cheapest ticket tour package  and enjoy  private transfer with us with only 350.000 idr transport price and for ticket detail click here 

2. Drop off and Pick Up Service 

Seminyak Drop Off Service

Get the front line private taxi price for your hotel transfer service, available from Seminyak to the most popular location attraction in Bali, provided service with modern private car MPV model will able to carry your bags and luggage with 5 person passenger in one car take alook our special offer from Seminyak to Ubud, Seminyak to Candidasa , Seminyak to Airport , Seminyak to Pemuteran, Seminyak to Uluwatu temple, Seminyak to Amed, and many more destination in Bali, more tariff info please click here 

3. Ubud Day Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tours

Amazing combination of Ubud Day Tour, on this program will take you to visit Balinese traditional dance, Ubud Art village, Batuan temple, Ubud Market, Rice terrace, Monkey forest Ubud and for price and detail click here

4. Ubud Waterfall Rice Terace Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tours

The unique ubud tour tailored great culture and combination of Balinese traditional living style, on this tour will take your to visit Batubulan village to enjoy the amazing Balinese Dance performance, Batuan temple the oldest temple in south of ubud, Tegenungan waterfall, Coffee plantation, rice terrace at Tegalalang village, Ubud market and palace, and also will take you to monkey forest in the central town of Ubud, more information following this tour please click here 

5. Bali Swing Volcano Day Tour

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tour

Get Connected to the green nature, this tour will take you to visit Balinese performance, Bali Swing,Coffee plantation,Batur Volcano, Rice terrace, monkey forest in Ubud city center and for the detail click here 

6. Healer Cokorda Rai Ubud Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tour

encloser  with cakra spirit on expert hand power full healer in Ubud healing undetected sickness on medical, blessing on positive power energy running to the all of your body on visit time at Cokorda Rai Healer, enjoy the Ubud green scenery on this tour will also take you to visit monkey forest ubud, tegenungan waterfall, local autentique balinese cullinary and also coffee plantation and more info of the tour please click here 

7. Bali Hand Reading Ubud Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tour

A popular and adobted on Eat Pray Love history to remove your curiosity 0f future life, have some fun with knowing your pass life history and future life on great prediction as listed on palm Balinese horoscope, telling you about the better way of life, love, carrier , job, married , and your family generation can be read on the hand reading section, and this tour also will take you to see Balinese performance, Batuan temple, Tegenungan Waterfall, Coffee plantation, rice terrace and monkey forest Ubud, for more detail please feel free to click here 

8. Ubud Hot Spring Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tour

Spoiled on natural hot spring on the bottom of Batur Volcano over looking to the breathtaking view of Batur lake and Abang mountain and the tour also will take you to visit monkey forest, goa gajah temple, coffee plantation, tegenungan waterfall, and also lunch over looking to one of the best panorama in Bali as active Batur Volcano, more info for this tour please click here 

9. Ubud Volcano Gunung Kawi Holy Water Temple Tour

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tour

An excellent combination of Bali day tour to Ubud and volcano Batur on a light and easy access attraction, on this tour will take you to see the most favorite Balinese performance at Batubulan village, seeing the Ubud art , Batuan temple at Sukawati district and also will take you to visit Gunung Kawi the holy water temple at Sebatu Village, having lunch on a great view of black volcanic lava is the plus point of the tour and for more info of this tour please click here 

10. Ubud Ulun Danu Bratan Lake Side Temple Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tour

One of the best traveler choose for discovering two different climate on the day tour, begin the tour in the morning from visiting Batubulan village, visit the the batik house production in tohpati village, celuk art of silver and smith, ubud typical culinary , coffee plantation, Ulun Danu Bratan temple and this tour also will take you to visit the royal family temple well known as taman ayun temple, more info following this tour please click here 

11. Tanah Lot Uluwatu Temple  Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tour

A beauty panorama at Tanah Lot temple in the morning with less busy of visitor make an great chance to get a better space to taking picture at Tanah Lot temple as popular temple on sea side, exploring the green scenery landscaping at surrounding Ganah lot temple is a plus point on morning visiting time at Tanah lot Temple, and this tour also will take you to visit the local warung for best real Balinese culinary and also swim at the beach of Padang -padang beach as the best beach in south of Bali, enjoy the sunset at Uluwatu temple with their popular performance Kecak and fire dance , ending the day with amazing dinner at Jimbaran beach on tasty fresh grill seafood fresh pulled out from the bay, more info following the tour please click here 

12. Nusa Dua Beach Uluwatu Sunset tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tour

Clean nice beach to have sun bath and swiming at the beach, Nusa Dua beach is one of the beach choice. with so much fun on water activity at nusa dua beach as parasailing, jet sky, scuba diving, banana boat, snorkeling is on high possibility to do in Nusa dua beach on this tour also will take you to visit Padang- padang beach, uluwatu temple, enjoy the Balinese performance of kecak and fire dance and also ending the great day journey at jimbaran bay on fresh seafood dinner before heading back to hotel, more info folowing this tour please click here

13. Lempuyang Temple East Bali Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tour

Get ready to the best of panoramic view in the east of Bali, well known as the Gate to Heaven at the front gate Lempuyang temple with over looking view to the biggest active volcano in Bali called Agung volcano, this tour also will take you to visit the water palace of Tirta Gangga, and also visit the largest water garden belong to the King of karangasem called Taman Soeka Sada located in Ujung Village , enjoy the lunch at the side of amazing natual rice terrace in the east Bali, more info for this tour please click here 

14. Dolphin Sunrise Sekumpul Waterfall north Bali Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Sightseeing Day Tour

Embark the journey before the sun raisng up to the sky, get in to the boat with special unique Balinese boat to exploring north Bali ocean, enjoy the breakfast with surise view in the middle of the ocean, hunting a Dolphin on their own habitat with your great camera, viewing under water world on snorkeling activities in Lovina coral sea view, and this tour will also take you to the most beautiful waterfall in the north of the island as well known waterfall called Sekumpul Waterfall  adventure, more detail please click here

15. Batur Sunrise Trekking Tour

Duration : 10 Hours Adventure Day Tour

Incredible adventure has designed by Seminyak Driver Bali for your amazing time at Sunrise view point on trekking at Batur volcano, begin the tour early morning from the hotel to get what we expected to see at the top of Batur volcano on 1717 meter above the sea level, and this tour also will take you to visit natural Hot spring water at Toya Devasya, coffee plantation, and also rice terrace , see more detail of this amazing tour by click here 

16. Bali Cycling Tour 

Duration : 8 Hours Adventure Day Tour

Escape the busy town on a incredible experience down hill cycling with friendly guide expert, begin the journey with having Balinese breakfast over looking to Batur volcano it is one of lovely unforgettable memory on beginning of this tour. Easy pedal cruising to local village, pass tru the rice field , visit the temple , greeting on local school children and having lunch with autentique Balinese food in the finish point. this tour also will take you to visit Goa Gajah temple, Tegenungan Waterfall and more info click here 

17. Bali ATV Ride Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Adventure Day Tour

Get wet on mud road trek and fell the engine acceleration on your finger push , ATV ride is one of the amazing fun adventure , a professional guide instructor will company your great adventure as exploring river side, forest side , temple side and local road side on ATV adventure, and this tour also will take you to visit coffee plantation, Batur volcano, rice terrace more info please click here

18. Ubud Ayung River Rafting  Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Adventure Day Tour

Cruise the raft on 16 km fun white water rafting , a tropical forest side along the way from the start point to finish point of Ayung river rafting is presented an amazing and incredible view on your rafting adventure, a friendly instructor will company your rafting group on high standard Australia safety equipment and this tour also take you to visit Monkey forest , rice terrace, coffee plantation, and more info itinerary following this tour please click here

19. Bali Elephant Ride and Rafting Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Adventure Day Tour

Ride on the teak wooden chair at the back of the biggest animal on this Earth , enjoy the best tour on special route at kampung sumatra elephant trek at Bali Zoo, the great amazing adventure also combined with the most wanted activity as white water rafting at Ayung river and the best water rafting for the beginner. More info following this tour please click here  

20. Water Sports Uluwatu Jimbaran Sunset Tour 

Duration : 10 Hours Adventure Day Tour

Special price activities at Bali Water Sports presented by Seminyak Driver Bali, supported by Mawar Kuning watersports company at Tanjung benoa Nusa Dua Bali, this tour will also take you to visit Uluwatu temple, padang padang beach and having sunset dinner in Jimbaran bay and more information of this itinerary please click here 

21. Seminyak horse Adventure

Duration : 10 Hours Adventure Day Tour

Another great adventure on Horse Riding, exploring the rice field on horse riding at Canggu Beach, break the wave on beach trekk horse riding wonderful tour. And this tour also will take you to visit Butterfly Park, Tegenungan Waterfall. More info please click here

22 . Bali Customize Tour 

Ketut seminyak driver

Seminyak Driver Bali welcoming you to customize your own itinerary, with our professional service served you with modern air conditioner private car included petrol and parking fee and English speaking tour driver will offer you our best rate and price base your own itinerary, and if you have any of inquiry please do not hesitate to drop us an email at seminyakdriver@gmail,com  click here for detail of our car 

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