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Bali updated : Apologize for September 2020

Almost 6 months Bali tourism has been hit by the effect of Covid 19. Big thanks to our Governments for a amazing work to protect us from the dangerous viruses ! Although a health protocol precaution are being implemented, and including to everyone requiring to wear a face mask and maintain the safe distance with never leave hand washing regulary.

Regullary hand washing

Mr. Wayan Koster the Governor of Bali has just launched a new rules to reduce spreading Covid 19 virus, and adviced the pattern of the new behavior! With out face mask a pinalty Rp. 100.000,- is billed to the offender ! Hopefully Bali tourism will be soon improve so that in 2021 it will aquire an over all green zone status.

Sunset Road Seminyak

Bali Goverment has successfully launched the second phase to start up again Bali with embark new normal for Domestic tourism on 31st July 2020 but there is not much chance for a local tour operator to get a local bussiness on domestic market since the low occupant of domestic tourist. And up coming plan to reopen international border on 11st September is positively phused back until at least the ends of the year 2020 due to the still alrming situations.

Something to deserved with the ends on this post we wish thank you very much for your support on our program ” Help Local Balinese ” little help to survive the local specialy begin with our driver and guide partner who lost their job since Covid 19 pandemic hits Bali Tourism. And from the begining of this month we have received a help from the good heart person and we also welcome you to donate a little to help our Balinese family in the hardest time .

If you like to share a little bit of love to help us, please do not hesitate to let us know any time. Your help can be transfer to our official paypal account at email :

In the middle of September 2020 we will do our drop help again as same as the last month to deliver the rice and other goods for living needed to our Balinese driver guide.

Donation for Bali Driver Team
Donation for Bali Driver Team
Delivery Team
Donation for Bali Driver Team
Donation for Bali Driver Guide
Donation for our driver guide
Delivered to Mr. Komang Nata

We published the report transparency and no hidden data on purchasing time to get supply according the goods. The Karma we trust will pay back in the future .

Once again we wish thank you for all of your supports, and we are looking forwards your help at this time.

For any of your question please contact us any time following our official contact at :

  • Email :
  • Phone : +62 82236087680
  • Whatapps : +62 82236087680
Tripadvisor Awards 2020
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Bali important temple day tour

Seminyak tour driver present the best of Bali temple day tour on itinerary well designed by Seminyak Driver Bali. Visit the Kehen Temple, Besakih Temple, Tirta Empul Temple, Gunung Kawi Rocky Temple, Goa Gajah Temple on a great day tour, discover the holy history and oldest building temple on the green side scenery of Bali island.

Begin the amazing day trip after lovely breakfast at the hotel and our friendly English speaking driver tour guide will take you to the first destination on this tour as :

Kehen Temple

Kehen Temple : one of the biggest temple in the heart of Bangli region, ornamented with old chinese porceleint and ceramic is atthed on the wall side of the building, managed by the local villager surrounding Bangli region the ritual ceremony of the Kehen temple is come every 210 days as Balinese calendar. Visiting Kehen temple there is ticket 30.000 idr per person and also visitor have to wear a sarong where is provided on ticket counter.

Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple : The mother temple of Hindu religion in Bali. Located at the bottom of Agung Volcano which is active on the last eruption on 2017. It’s one of the very sacred temple located on the 1000 meters above the sea level. Visiting the Besakih temple there is ticket 60.000 idr per person and the sarong to borrow and wear visiting the temple is included on the ticket price.

Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul Temple : located in Tampaksiring district as marked on the center of the island. A spring water is show up and very important for local Balinese who following Hindu religion to do a ritual of blessing ceremony or we call it Melukat. It’s a special ritual to get rid from the bad spirit or negative energy. Visiting Tirtaempul temple there is ticket 15.000 idr per person and also sarong is provide for the visitor who visiting the Tirtaempul temple.

Pura Gunung Kawi
Gunung kawi

Gunung Kawi Relief Temple : It’s one of amazing and interesting old clasic temple well located on the slope of river hill side, an amazing relief of funeral tower has been carved on the rocky stoned on the wall side of Gunung Kawi temple. Visiting Gunung Kawi temple there is ticket 15.000 idr and sarong also has provided on the ticket counter.

Goa Gajah Temple

Goa Gajah Temple : Is another great temple on very much history about it, see the amazing face of Elephant art facing on the cave and visitor also allowed to visit in side the cave to visit the arca of Tri Murti Gods as Brahma, Vishnu , and Shiva. Visiting Goa Gajah temple there is ticket 15.000 idr per person and also sarong is provided on the ticket counter for the visitor.

Restriction : women on a period or menstruation is not allowed to join this holy journey. Please apologize because of the temple visit has restriction.

Private Tour service

Bali Temple Tour duration : 10 hours

Bali Temple Tour Itinerary : 

08 : 00 Am : Departure from the Hotel

10 : 00 Am : Visit Kehen Temple

11 : 00 Am : Visit Besakih Temple

12 : 00 Noon : Break for Lunch

13 : 00 Pm : Visit Tirtaempul temple

14 : 00 Pm : Visit Gunung Kawi temple

15 : 00 Pm : Visit Goa Gajah temple

16 : 00 Pm : Back to Hotel

Bali temple tour price : 500.000 IDR per car MPV with occupant 6 person in one car.

Bali temple tour included : English speaking driver, petrol, parking fee, mineral water bottle.

Bali temple tour excluded : Entrance fee in Kehen temple 30.000 idr per person, Besakih Temple 60.000 idr per person, Tirta Empul temple 15.000 idr per person, Gunung Kawi temple 15.000 idr per person, Goa Gajah Temple 15.000 idr per person.

What To Bring : Modest clothe, hat, camera, money, sun glasses and sun screen.

Booking Access of our service you can contact us at

Email :

phone : +62 082 236 087 680

Whatapps : 082 236 087 680

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Skype : seminyakbalidriver

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Seminyak Half Day Tour 

Sunset Dinner at Jimbaran bay
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Seminyak to Ubud combined with Uluwatu Sunset day tour

Tour from Seminyak to Ubud culture art traditions and combined with sunset kecak fire dance in Uluwatu temple day tour presented by Seminyak Bali Driver . Thanks to Mr Laurent and family 6 persons from Singapore to give me a chance to day to be your private tour guide in Bali.

To day we have started our day tour at 9 am from Villa Kubu Seminyak where is located at Gang Ratna at jalan plawa Seminyak, our plan has been shettle on the day before we doing the trip, contact on email it make us easy to have conversation and planed our listing where to go.

Deal with the transport price 450.000 idr on website from seminyak to ubud and then ubud to uluwatu temple and finish dinner at jimbaran bay on 10 hours of my services. At 9 am we start our journey from villa kubu to the tohpati village, where in tohpati village we have to drive around 1 hours from seminyak to the north east direction of Denpasar city as requested on itinerary.

Tohpati Village is one of famous village in south part of Ubud where we can see the local people in the village working on hand weaving art of textil and paint of Batik, the official clothe of Indoneisan sosial activity is Batik and Batik Bali is one of popular and unique design which is more popular Indonesian people wear it on national even. Visiting Batik hand weaving factory there is no charge we have to pay in Tohpati Village.

After Tohpati Village we continue to visit the suplyer of Bali Souvenir where is located in 10 minutes drive north after the Batik place. The place is call Windu Segara where is the biggest and the cheapest souvenir store in Bali, the shop is self is kind of looking huge and so many thing’s of souvernis available there they sale, from Spa Soap,Oil massage,T Shirt, Wood Carving,Handy craft,cake ,balinese peanuts, kacang disco,Pia Legong, and many different thing’s of balinese souvenir is available in segara windhu where is must cheaper then Kuta street even Krisna market most popular in kuta sunset road is still more expencive then Segara Windhu. And this kind of place you have to visit if you looking for an cheap souvenir shop and away from tourist price. Thanks to Mr Lee to give me the new info about segara whindu , and also thanks for friend of mr Lee who recommend us Segara Whindu.

After we did shoping for cheap souvenir we continue to visit Batuan Temple, the oldest temple in the south of Ubud , in Batuan temple we allowed to taking picture and also allowed to visit in side of the temple holy area. In Batuan temple is managed by Batuan village in Sukawati regency. Visiting the temple even we allowed to go in to holy area, we still have to respect of biggest low and restricions of the temple where the women on period of menstruations is not allowed to visit the holy area , is kind of beliving rule for who break the rule will having bad luck for 1 month and 7 days. And visiting the Batuan temple when is builded on 433 centurys ago , we will get borrow free sarong as Balinese uniform to ware to come in to temple, and then there is no ticket is just there a donation 5000 idr per person  and we put our donation in the box provided and i have asked the man working there the donation we do will come to the village for temple maintenance and ceremony cost.

After visiting the temple  we continue to visit the Waterfall in Tegenungan Village, drive less then 20 minutes we reach at waterfall. In Tegenungan waterfall we can see the view amazing nature where is the water falling down on the middle of big huge stuning rock and fell the fresh air on Tegenungsn waterfall, at this time we just taking picture from view point and there is opportunity to do a treeking to go down get close to waterfall with an easy access stair , pass down with step on 187 stair you will reach at the river also there is an fresh spring water where local ussualy take the water for drinking water and we also allowed to drink that fresh pure water from the fountain on river side on Tegenungan waterfall. Trekking on visiting river in waterfall of tegenungan will take around 1 hours return trip, and the ticket visiting this spot of tegenungan waterfall is 10.000 idr per person .

After we visited the waterfall of Tegenungan, we continue to have lunch at Ibu Oka Ubud warung to try the suckling pig, suckling pig is one of the famous Balinese Maincourse or favorite food in Bali, suckling pig is fresh grill whole pig and fresh serve with portion menu as ussual combined with rice and jack vegetable is call lawar . The sett menu complete ala charte in ibu oka babi guling is cost us 80.000 idr per portions, and fresh juice orange is perfect for combine the Babi Guling in Ibu oka Ubud, lot of people get confuse and have question ”  is that only pig the food in Ubud? ” my answer is : no , ubud has located in the middle of island where is little hard to get fish or seafood in serveral restaurant, if there warung or small restaurant serve a fish, thats mostly wih serve a fish from Batur Lake where the fish is call Gurami or Mujair. But Ubud also has another favorite maincourse from Duck and chiken, one of famous food in Ubud culinary is Crispy Duck and Chiken Steam or Ayam Betutu.

Then continue our trip after lunch around 1.30pm, we heading to Rice terrace in tegalalang village. Drive to the north direction from ubud city center about 8 Km we arrive at Tegalalang Rice terrace, in tegalalang rice terrace there is ticket we paid 10.000 idr per person and the tegalalang rice terrace is popular with the name Ceking rice terrace on local name. The tegalalang rice terrace is made by farmers who leave and having a land mark on tegalalang hills, and since the area is not flat, thats why the farmer make it flat on each part of their land till down sode the river and become terraced, rice here in ceking rice terrace ussualy need the time 4 month to grow from farmer start to plan it and until farmers pick the rice  from the plan , and they do it 3 time a year growing a rice and the rest of the month will grow something else as the peanuts or sweet popatos for the land filterlized. Most of the problem witn rice field is water, and in terrace of ceking tegalalang has an organitations call Subak who is take car for the water and split it to each terrace to aviod problem with water. Well subak is self is an organisations from farmers, they will decided any of their problem on the metting point and the metting ussualy the subak do it on the end of the month.

Finish enjoyed the rice terrace, we continue to visit the luwak coffee farm, located just 3 minutes drive after the rice terrace call Bali Pulina they get recommendation by their friend and to visit this place, is interesting the farming and beauty view of river side the farm is amazing. And visiting bali pulina luwak coffee is free of charge and if you like to try the luwak coffee will cost you 50.000 idr per cup and the rest is free of charge of testing.

After the coffee farm and the time show us 3 .30 pm we drove down to Uluwatu temple, with drive 2 hours from ubud to uluwatu pass true baypass ngurah rai and toll ngurah rai with VVIP card, and if you pass on usual ticket will cost 11.000 IDR per car and  we made it to Uluwatu in 2 hours drive from Ubud , reach in uluwatu temple we have to get the ticket and have to pay 20.000 idr for one person to get visiting the holy area and then we get free to borrow the sarong and belt . Also in uluwatu temple there is free toilet ,and there is monkey you have to becareful. The monkey in uluwatu temple love beauty colour of soes and bag also sun glasses, please becareful the most important is hide your reading glass from Monkey. But all the scare of monkey will get paid after we show the Amazing view of sunset also we do have see the Kecak and monkey dance performance in uluwatu temple where is has story of Ramayana , where Dewi sita has stolen by Rahwana and Monkey Hanoman got help Dewa Rama get back Dewi Sita from Rahwana visiting the kecak and monkey fire dance great performance in Uluwatu temple there is ticket 100.000 idr per person and the dance is start from 6 pm till 7 pm.

Then after the dance , we hading back to seminyak within 2 hours drive included traffic, and along the way we have seen the popular Naughty Nuris pork ribs in peninsula hills jimbaran, and every one have decided to have dinner before hading back to Villa.

Over all our trip was super excelent,and lot of fun on the day tour. And again i i wish thank you very much for Mr Lee and family for book my services to day and not forget to inform you if you need any driver in Bali to have a great fun day tour in Bali from seminyak or any are in bali as my consider services from hotel in  nusa dua ,kuta seminyak,canggu ubud, please fell free to contact me at email and you can reach me at phone on +62 082 236 087 680 also available whatapps on that number , line , wechat also available on seminyakbalidriver .

See you in Bali

Best Regards

Putu martika

Seminyak Bali Driver

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tours in seminyak bali

Seminyak tour
Seminyak tour

Seminyak Bali Driver
Open Bali Map to know where we are Going

We used two cars for all of our participants included lugage
We used two cars for all of our participants included lugage

Seminyak tour
Seminyak tour







Seminyak tours by Putu Seminyak Bali Driver is one of the activities in seminyak  to fill your holiday in Bali. With beauty experience seeightseeing touching culture, traditions,nature,adventure and wild life in Bali. With my experience as Balinese icon tour guide in Seminyak Bali, i would like to invite you to see the wonder of our beauty Island of Bali.

On this opportunity iam offer my services as your driver and tour guide with tarif 450.000 idr for 10 hours day tour, and half day tour iam offers tarif 300.00 idr for 4 hours day tour, that’s included my driving fee,petrol,air-conditioner car and parking fee on regular parking place and it has available seats for 7 passenger in my Van type of Car.

My vehicle has Branded by Toyota Kijang LGX , is builded in Jakarta under licensed Toyota Japan, my car has special licensed for driving tourist and it has insured by Jasa Raharja as official road insurance by goverment of Indonesia. My car has 1800 cc power  so is good and strong for any kind of road trip.

So iam ready to be your driver and tour guide in Bali,and iam looking forwards any of your inquiry about your trip to Bali. Fell free to send me an email at or phone call and chat me on whatapps at 082 236 087 680  and see you in Seminyak Bali


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Seminyak tour to Batubulan Ubud Bangli Bukit Pura Jati Bamboe Forest Gianyar City Night market


Rice Terrace
Rice Terrace

Bali Bamboe Forest
Bali Bamboe Forest

Kehen Temple
Kehen Temple







This tour will serve you the typical of Balinese activities,learn more about culture,nature and traditional of Bali the tour we will begin to leave your hotel at 8.15 am and duration about 8 Hours day tour . Price 500.000 IDR per car  included petrol ,air conditioner ,English speaking Griver Guide,maximal with 7 persons and minimum 1 person participants. PRIVATE TOUR . And what to bring : Sun Block,Hat.

1. We start to begin our journey to visit the Batubulan Village, Located in North East of Denpasar , the typical of this village is famous of daily activity Balinese show Barong and Kris Dance . Visiting Batubulan Village will be not complete if we miss the Traditional dancing show Barong and Kris Balinese Dance and the dance is tell us about good human character as the Barong and Rangda is one of sysmbolic bad character is there on Human character,wich is learn and fully combined with Balinese Hindu concept of life call Tri Hita Karana.

What is Tri Hita Karana ? Yes i can explain your on our trip. So there is ticket  is cost us 100.000 idr per person ,where we can buy directly on counter stage in Batubulan Village .

2. Tegalalang Rice terrace , located in 5 km north of Ubud city , offering us the amazing view of terracing in this rice terrace we can learn how the rice growing and how many months is take till rice ready to pick up from the plan and how is the irrigation system in Bali. Here there is an ticket , 10.000 idr per person

3. Continue our route to Temen Village , in this local  village we will having stop to learn about typical drinks of Balinese people in the village , may you hear about Luwak coffee? The cat poo coffee ,Here in temen village we can see how is huge the coffee garden is and how the production of the Black Sweet drink that every personal Balinesse love to enjoy it . There is no ticket here , is free of charge to visiting the Garden of Coffee plantation in Temen Village, is super nice stop and learn some more about Balinesse favorite drinks , here is the place in Temen Village.

4. The Volcano Batur , of course is one of the best destination in Bali we will visiting on this our trip, the Batur Volcano is exploded on last erupted was 2001. Still there blck stone lava we can see on panorama over looking to Batur lake just in bottom of Batur Volcano, this volcano still active where normally trekking activities will try steamed eggs on natural volcano steam , in 5 minutes eggs become boiled with just leave it on hold of steamed volcano of Batur. On this tour we will not climb the volcano , we going to see the beauty of Panorama of Batur Volcano, there is ticket to get in will cost 30.000 IDR per person , and we can having lunch on buffet in the local resturant serve along the view point in Batur Volcano, most of the restaurant offer the affordable price 100.000 IDR for Buffet lunch with Indonesian and combined with Western food in Batur Volcano view restaurant area.

5. Continue within 30 minutes drive down to Bangli city where we will stop over to Penglipuran Village , compound Balinesse house in and see activities of Balinesse Family in daily we can learn and see it visiting the old houses where it has same structur of building housing in the whole village , as well we can see the most important temple of 3 different temple in the village with short walking. Also offering us to visit the Bambo forest and having  walk visiting bamboe forest around it,  where is one of the mayor activities  people of the penglipuran village making a bascet from Bambo as Balinesse Hindu we used and kind of importand to have Bamboe Bascet  Holder to preparing offering to offer to the Temple . There is ticket to visiting this village as 20.000 IDR per person.

6. Continue our route to the Biggest temple in Bangli the Kehen temple north of city in Bangli, in Kehen Temple we have to ware a sarong as Balinesse costume to ware for visiting the holy sacred temple ,  where is included already on ticket price . Kehen temple is one important temple in Bangli Region belong and manage by the phublic temple where every one will pray to the God to having good Life and Value life on this temple, Wisnu God is trusted on this temple where we beliave God of taking care of Life in the Globe. Ticket is there to enter this temple as 20.000 idr perperson , money from ticket they used to taking care for Temple phublic facilities  and temple maintenance , over all the Kehen Temple is amazing oldest temple to visit and seeing the chinese old porcelaint attached on the wall of Kehen temple.

7. After Kehen Temple we continue to Bukit Jati Temple and Hills , located in South west of Bangli regentcy over looking to Lembongan Island ocean views, located 900 meters above the sea level make the Bukit Jati Hills has natural views of rice terracing and tropical forest we can see on our road climb from main street to the hills, Bukit Jati has a oldest temple of Subak , The Bukit Jati Hills  it selve has 2 different temple’s on north side is call Pura Jati wich is the temple of Subak , Subak is one of organitation hwo manage the water irigations and special pray for God Wisnu and his a wife Dewi Sri as the God of Rice  and south area where is there one temple call Pelinggih Batara Bayu, where is from this south temple side yhe local here pray for God Bayu as trusted God of winds and connected to ocean. There is no ticket in this temple , is requiries small donation only as 10.000 idr  for all. Its amazing view . I love it as the local people.

8. Continue our route to visit typical of Balinesse food on Gianyar City night Market , Gianyar Night market is one of biggest market where we can find an typical food of Bali, as Babi Guling,Ayam Betutu,Jajan Bali,and many different thing. Trying some food in the local market , normally has to ask the price first before you buy, and for sure negotiable price and cheap. Most of shop attendant dont speak english because the market is local target, but dont worry i will be there for you to translate .

That is fully day tour and beautiful journey i can present you as your driver in seminyak Bali Driver and after the night market we will get back to your hotel with fully local experienced as visiting Bali Island, iam lloking forwards to take you visiting our island of Bali  and fell free to let me know if you have any of inquiries about the tours in Bali.may you can drop me an email at or chat me on whatapps at 082 236 087 680 or call me on mobile 082 236 087 680 , or find me on

Best Regards