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Bali updated : Apologize for September 2020

Almost 6 months Bali tourism has been hit by the effect of Covid 19. Big thanks to our Governments for a amazing work to protect us from the dangerous viruses ! Although a health protocol precaution are being implemented, and including to everyone requiring to wear a face mask and maintain the safe distance with never leave hand washing regulary.

Regullary hand washing

Mr. Wayan Koster the Governor of Bali has just launched a new rules to reduce spreading Covid 19 virus, and adviced the pattern of the new behavior! With out face mask a pinalty Rp. 100.000,- is billed to the offender ! Hopefully Bali tourism will be soon improve so that in 2021 it will aquire an over all green zone status.

Sunset Road Seminyak

Bali Goverment has successfully launched the second phase to start up again Bali with embark new normal for Domestic tourism on 31st July 2020 but there is not much chance for a local tour operator to get a local bussiness on domestic market since the low occupant of domestic tourist. And up coming plan to reopen international border on 11st September is positively phused back until at least the ends of the year 2020 due to the still alrming situations.

Something to deserved with the ends on this post we wish thank you very much for your support on our program ” Help Local Balinese ” little help to survive the local specialy begin with our driver and guide partner who lost their job since Covid 19 pandemic hits Bali Tourism. And from the begining of this month we have received a help from the good heart person and we also welcome you to donate a little to help our Balinese family in the hardest time .

If you like to share a little bit of love to help us, please do not hesitate to let us know any time. Your help can be transfer to our official paypal account at email :

In the middle of September 2020 we will do our drop help again as same as the last month to deliver the rice and other goods for living needed to our Balinese driver guide.

Donation for Bali Driver Team
Donation for Bali Driver Team
Delivery Team
Donation for Bali Driver Team
Donation for Bali Driver Guide
Donation for our driver guide
Delivered to Mr. Komang Nata

We published the report transparency and no hidden data on purchasing time to get supply according the goods. The Karma we trust will pay back in the future .

Once again we wish thank you for all of your supports, and we are looking forwards your help at this time.

For any of your question please contact us any time following our official contact at :

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Taxi price Bali to Juanda Airport Surabaya

Seminyak Driver Bali provided a trip return from Bali Seminyak to Juanda International Airport with the price 3.000.000 idr all included ticket passing fee on one way trip from Bali to Juanda Airport. Volcano Agung on his eruption on the end of the years 2017 has made lot ash and it make the Bali Denpasar Airport closed due the volcanic ash which is can be disturbed the Air Plane Engine with the dust, and the Bali Airport was unable to take the risk on passenger flight to let the air plane landing or take off from Bali Airport.

Ngurah Rai Airport Bali

The Denpasar airport was closed from the first flight 05:15 Am on 26th and continue until 29th November 2017. Make lot of Bali Traveler confuse and of course panic to think about how to fly back home. And another solution we recommend to our customer who has a flight from Denpasar Airport to other country as Singapore or Europe and other Asia country to fly from Juanda Airport International in Surabaya or Malang Airport in Surabaya.

Volcanic Ash of Agung Volcano 3th Dec 2017

And there is a lot of flight has been cancelled due the volcanic ash still on the sky until 4th December 2017, even Lombok International airport also was closed as we where unable to have prediction when the volcano will get calm down and finishing their activity eruption.

The solution to catch the flight is from Surabaya Juanda Airport or Malang Airport in the east of Java, this time we start the trip from Bali early morning at 07 :00 am after the breakfast at the Hotel W Resort Seminyak.

W hotel seminyak

Drive to the west of Bali to get a boat crossing to java where is Gilimanuk Harbour where the boat ferry access to java on 30 minutes slow boat ride, and to get to the west side of Bali we need to pass 2 regency from Denpasar as we have passed to Tabanan city and also Negara City on the west of Bali and also we have passed the National park west Bali.

Negara West side Buffalo race statue

With a total driving time 3 hours from Seminyak finally we reach at Gilimanuk port or Harbour on a early morning traffic on our way to the west of Bali. And when we arrive in Gilimanuk to crossing to Java, there is ticket apply to all passenger and car crossing cost with tariff 156.000 idr for 4 person and one private car crossing the island with all passenger . There is also police will control the traffic and safety equipment on each car and also the police will asking all the identity by showing him our ID card or passport to the police who attending post control.

Boat ride to java

And we have to wait almost 30 minutes because there is a so many cars from Bali going to Java as the same destination with us to Juanda Airport. Ready to drive for 7 Hours extra on the road to Juanda Airport international ! . Compare to the road in Bali, the road quality is similar but there is a lot of bigger truck which is long truck with double box with 24 wheels which is we never seen in Bali. Driving from Ketapang port to the west direction we have to pass the Alas Jati or teak wood forest which is 50 km forest with no habitat leave there, pas to Probolinggo district an continue to Pasuruan district which is took us almost 3 hours drive. And having a rest for lunch at Pantai pasir putih in the middle of the way  to have a fresh air for half an hour.

Seafood at pasir putih

Having a lunch with seafood on the first clean restaurant we show. The food a quite good and clean kitchen place where the fresh crab we choose become a amazing and tasty cooked sweet and spicy fried crab. Having coffer after lunch is giving us more energy to dicover the route we take to Juanda Airport from Bali. After lunch we continue to the road on our trekk to Juanda Airport.

Surabaya Toll Road

After long drive finally we have arrive in Bangil District where the gate of the toll road, the traffic was not that bad is just long wait to pass the gate because lot of Balinese Driver has no e-money to pay the road. The ticket passing the toll road here is much cheaper then Bali toll road but there is many gate as every 4 km there is charge 7.500 IDR on every corner destination.

Finally we have arrive at Juanda Airport after 11 Hours driving from Bali. The flight from Surabaya juanda airport was 01 : 00 Am so is perfect time we have arrive about 08 : 00 Pm at Juanda Airport.  So every one have some rest during waiting the flight departure. And we have driving back to Bali and reach safely after dropping Miss. Jessy and friend at Juanda airport .

Driver seminyak

Over all that was super amazing overland adventure and if you need a driver service to Juanda airport or Malang airport please feel free to contact us. We are Seminyak Driver Bali ready to serve our best service for your private driver service in Seminyak.

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