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Seminyak to Sekumpul waterfall

Grab your Amazing experience adventure in Bali with us ” Seminyak Driver” and at this excellent Adventure program will show you the amazing breathtaking panorama of Sekumpul Waterfall in the north of Bali.

From seminyak to sekumpul waterfall will take us about 3 hours drive, it will pass by Mengwi village as the location of famous Unesco heritage Temple as Taman Ayun Temple, also will visiting the most famous coffee plantation in the north of Bali as ” Tegal Sari Coffee plantation” and pass true the Lake Beratan at the tropical rain forest in Bedugul and exploring the Balinese Village of Lemukih on the way to Sekumpul waterfall.

The first stop will be on this Sekumpul waterfall nature and adventure tour is :

Tegal sari coffee plantation

Tegal Sari Coffee plantation

Is located on Luwus Village as the great first stop to exploring the Best of Balinese Coffee and having a testter Luwak Coffee as the most famous coffee in the world. Seeing the farmer in coffee plantation do their work from choosing to drying and ending to roasting their coffee bean as we can see the all process till the coffee powder become ready to the cup, visiting and try the Balinese coffee tester at Tegal Sari Coffee plantation is free of Charge.



Sekumpul waterfall local guide

Sekumpul Waterfall

It’s a number one of the best rank waterfall in Bali. Is has an amazing view and it has chalenge trekking route as adventurest expected . There is a rule that visitor obligatory to have a local guide to assist you adventuring at Sekumpul Waterfall. And they have a three different catagory trekking as




1. Sekumpul waterfall Short trekking , will take you about 2 hours on tour exploring the Sekumpul waterfall. And the Guide tariff is 300.000 idr per group included insurance maximum 5 person.

2. Sekumpul waterfall Medium trekking, will take you about 3 hours on trekking tour and will show you the best spots to have a nice view and nice trekking route view. The guide tariff for medium trekk is 500.000 idr per group maximum 5 person and the price is included insurrance.

3. Sekumpul waterfall Long trekking, this option will take you about 4 hours on special route . Is need special power and bring enough drinking water. The tariff of local guide for longgest trekking is 600.000 idr per group maximum 5 person included insurrance.

All trekking package can be purchase directly at the official guide desk at Sekumpul ticket point and the price for the entrance fee of sekumpul waterfall is 20.000 idr per person . Visiting the Sekumpul waterfall is needed special extra power on this adventure for a great Amazing Experience at the Sekumpul Waterfall.


Lake Bratan Temple

Bedugul Lake side temple

The world famous known about the beauty panoramic of the Bratan lake side temple , the ticket to enjoy this amazing panorama is 60.000 idr per person located on the high point of Bali area and the temperature is little bit colder the south of Bali.





Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun Temple

The royal temple located in Mengwi Village. Taman ayun temple is builded on surrounding the fish pond and huge river of rice field irrigation system. The river is managed by local community irigation group is call ” Subak ” and Taman Ayun Temple as awards by UNESCO as world heritage site. Visiting Taman Ayun Temple has a ticket 20.000 idr per person.




Sekumpul waterfall trekking itinerary :

07: 00 am : Pick up from the Hotel

08: 00 am : Visit the Tegal Sari Coffee

09: 00 am : Continue to Sekumpul

10: 00 am : Arrived at Sekumpul

10: 15 am : Start the Adventure

13: 00 pm : continue to Beratan Temple

13: 45 pm : Having Lunch at local place

15: 00 pm : Visit the ulun danu temple

16: 00 pm : Continue to Taman ayun

16: 45 pm : Visit Taman Ayun

17: 30 pm : Back to Hotel

18: 30 pm : Arrive at the Hotel

What to bring :

Proper trekking shoes, Jacket , Hat, Sun block , Money, Camera or recorder.

Seminyak Driver

Tour included :

Private driver, petrol, parking fee , and driver meal and guest mineral water.

Tour excluded :

Entrance fee on attraction, Guide Fee, Customer Meal.

Day tour Sekumpul waterfall Tour Price:

750.000 IDR one private car , air conditioner.

For Booking please send your inquiry to our email address at or reach us on whatapps at 082 236 087 680 and see you soon in Seminyak Bali


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Seminyak Sunrise Trekking

Batur Volcano sunrise Trekking

Seminyak Driver and Private Tour service Leading the unlimited travel experience in Seminyak Bali. On this opportunity we have done Sunrise Trekking at Batur Volcano from Seminyak The Haere Villa.

The haere seminyak

First i would like to say thank you to Shan Go Phie and friend from Singapore to choice my service to provide sunrise transport in seminyak. Yes,  we start our journey at 01.00 am from Seminyak and drive up to the north within 2 hours drive we made it to arrive at the start point trekking at Batur Volcano.

Batur Guide Base Ticket
Batur Guide Base Ticket

Arrive on the dark time arround 03.15am , friendly guide welcome us on their basecamp. And here we have to purchase the Guide services to do trekking at Batur Volcano with Guide Price 400.000 idr per person of us and that is included Breakfast, Donation , taxes, insurrance,also Guide fee. Its writen on board information that the price is valid from 1st January 2016 until 31st December 2016. And also there is a rule every guide has maximum companion with only 4 person guest. We our group more then 4 person, then we have 2 person of trekking guide services at the time we are there.

The guide provide us all the facilities we need as a torch or flash light, glove, rain code, also the stick for help us to walk on rock side. We start the trekking at 03.20am and walk slowly, the temperature getting coulder after view hundred meter we walk up so lucky we prepare jacket and heater and for you don’t miss the jacket for sure, put jacket on your first list. And after walk up and adventuring the rock , finally we reach at the top and the view was so amazing. The guide was prepare us a Eggs and he cook it on the natural steam hold from the volcano. And within 5 minutes the eggs was cooked and we enjoy it very much also our hot coffee and tea on the sunrise.

Sunrise trekking

After the beautyful sunrise , and the sun getting heat we walk back to basecamp. With total time iam accounted, trekking up to the top is take us 2 hours and 30 minutes and walk down back to the base camp is take us about 2 hours and total of our trip adventure on Batur volcano on beautyful sunrise time was 4.5hours.

Fell not enough just enjoy the sunrise , we decided to jump at the Natural hot spring on the bottom volcano Batur. Its an Natural hot spring water, from the active Volcano Batur, and the local village has managed the natural hot spring water become amazing attraction on beside of the Lake Batur. And with super amazing view the local called Toya Devisya. The entress fee to enjoy the amazing hot spring water with the price 150.000 idr per person and the ticket we can purchase on the front desk. And the ticket price is included welcome drink, towel,also the access to use the sunchair.

Batur Hot Spring Water

After we enjoy the Hot Spring we continue our trip on the afternoon to have lunch at the view point of Batur volcano , we pick the good location restaurant where is pointed on over looking to the amazing breattaking view of Batur Volcano and lake Batur after refreshing at Hot spring water.

Lunch at Batur View point

The restaurant is call grand puncak sari has this view, the food here was fantastic and is serve with buffet with only 100.000 idr per person with menu indonesian food and western food. We allowed to have everything we like to eat. Fruit salad was fantastic i love it.

After lunch we continue our trip to visit the Bali Coffee plantation, well located on the hill of kintamani , friendly farmer was welcoming us to their farm and also showing us how the process coffee on traditional way with out any machine and also the farmer give us a chance to try the original product they make as famous one is call Luwak Coffee and also the arabica coffee and the farmer also provide us a tea and chocolate we pick directly from the the tree.

Bali coffee farm

After visiting the coffee plantation at Kintamani Village, we continue to our last stop at the popular rice terrace in north of Ubud. Local call it Ceking rice terrace located in Tegalalang village but mostly tourist call it Tegalalang Rice Terrace, yes its the same and it just different name :-).  And at this time we are lucky that the rice terrace was so green and it served us an amazing panorama .

rice terrace of Tegalalang

Just beware with the shop attendant here , because is kind of they are little agresive when they try to sale some thing for you and the key is just say “Tidak Terimakasih ” which is mean no thank you. And after enjoy the amazing view we heading back to Seminyak with lot of Fun and Joy of our day tour adventure to Batur Volcano.  And how about your day? Have you planing any tour in Bali? And if you need driver and services please fell free to contact me at email : or find me on whatapps at +62 082 236 087 680

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