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Flue symtomps rapid recovery with Bali traditional scrub

Bali medicinals herbs proven to reduce a sypmtoms of covid, respiratory tract, cough and influenza. News Bali tourism on expected reopening international border not so long ago, for now it ends with safety life restrictions ” Emergency Community Activity Restrictions ” it has announced on early of July 2021 and it valid from 3rd July 2021 to the 20th of July 2021.

Seminyak Tour Team Vaccined

Indonesian description

Ramuan traditional yang terbukti ampuh mengurangi gejala covid seperti batuk dan flue. Harapan untuk membuka kembali international border untuk kunjungan warga negara asing beberapa bulan yang lalu, akhirnya tertunda dengan adanya PPkM yang diberlakukan pemerintah sejak 3 juli 2021 dan kemungkinan berakhir tanggal 20 juli 2021 dengan tujuan utama menekan kasus covid 19.

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Incrased number of the new case in Jakarta and Bali based on data healthy department officer, make the central goverment take a new decision. Along with unpredictable weather, it is very impactful for everyone. A cold temperature in the begining of the month, make a person with a weak immune system more susceptible to viruses especialy influenza.

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Dengan bertambahnya penyebaran Covid 19, Berdasarkan data dari Dinas Kesehatan Republik Indonesia, penyebaran sangat pesat khususnya di Jakarta dan Bali yang menjadi pertimbangan untuk mengambil langkah pembatasan kembali untuk kegiatan masyarakat. Cuaca yang dingin di bulan ini banyak menyumbangkan kasus serupa, dari yang imunnya lemah sehingga mudah terserang pilek dan batuk.

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Government protects everyone by giving a vaccines. And it is our great hope that the community is protected and safe from the virus that shaken the world. In the other hand, Balinese believe with ancestral heritage of traditional healing, proven effective in relieving flue symptoms by the a first time use.

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Pemerintah Republik Indonesia dalam misi menyelamatkan masyarakat, telah membagikan vaksin gratis. Dengan harapan dapat menolong dan menjaga masyarakat dari serangan virus yang sedang mengguncangkan dunia. Dan masyarakat tentu saja tidak lupa melindungi diri dari serangan virus dengan menggunakan obat traditional yang terbukti ampuh mengurangi gejala seperti jika mengalami gejala batuk dan pilek dan dapat dirasakan mulai dari pertama penggunaan herbal tradtional ini.

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BOREH the clasic lokal Balinese name of scrub medicinals that is writen on “Usada” or Bali traditional healing. Made from natural ingridients that have no side effects. Contains ingridients that are easy to find specially on tropical area and if you are in europe that will be easy to get in asian shop. Boreh contains with Rice, Galangal, Dry Clove, Pepers grains, Nutmeg. How to mix these ingridients, you can see on the video attached below :

Reduce Covid and flue Symtomps by Traditional Balinese Scrub

Indonesian description

Boreh adalah nama lokal di Bali untuk obat traditional ini, selama ini tidak ada laporan effect samping selama pemakain boreh obat traditional ini. Bahan bahan boreh sangat mudah di dapatkan di negara yang beriklim tropis dan tentu saja jika berada di luar negeri, anda bisa membeli di toko asia. Bahan bahan boreh terdiri dari : Beras, Kencur, Cengkeh kering, biji merica kering, dan jebug harum cara membuatnya silahkan lihat video.

English Description

How to use Boreh ? Yes boreh is a scrub very easy to apply on our body. The step by step where to apply the boreh, first we can start applying on the back neck area for the central nervous relaxation and it help to improve the respiratory tract and also on the forehead to relieve the stress and headace, all over the back to improve blood circulation and nerves. In the thighs and legs can be filled bit thick, also apply on the soles of the feet and under the toes that for reduce the soreness in the waist. If you get tingling on your hand often, you can apply the boreh scrub from the arm to full hand. And now boreh very usefull for a treatment to relieve covid and influenza by applying on chest thoroughly. Its a wonder how the body responds to make self treatment after receiving a boost from the efficacy or boreh traditional medicinals and extra recommended to drink a warm water with ginger during the teraphy.

Indonesian description

Bagaimana cara menggunakan lulur Balinese boreh ? Tenang saja sobatku, boreh sangat manjur menanggulangi masalah influenza, setelah semua bahan tercampur rata, udah di ulekin tuh ya, ntar tingal oleskan tipis tipis di bagian leher belakang untuk penyempuhan hidung yang tersumbat dan mengencerkan dahak, di gidat bisa di oleskan untuk mengurangi pusing, kalo batuk di olesin tuh di dada, kalo sering kesemutan di kaki kita tinggal olesin aja di kakai keseluruhan. Setelah di oles, badan akan terasa hangat dan tungguin sampai kering sobat, habis itu mandi pakai air hangat atau kalo ga mau mandi, bisa juga di waslap pakai handuk basah tentunya. Terapi 2 kali sehari, batuk pilek corona pasti hilang cepat.

Yes for now that is my best recommend and advice and if you have any question, please fell free to let me know any time on whatapps or email. And our official contact : Email : and whatapps phone number is +6282236087680

See you soon when Bali reopening the border.

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Balinese healer ketut liyer hand reader ubud

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Ketut liyer in Pengosekan Ubud is a Balinese Healer and hand reader to read the future life from your hand line. The famous 100 yeards old man in Ubud with Eat Pray Love by Julia Robert . healing is one of alternative treatment in Bali for undetect illness on medical services.

As the local Balinese we trust on Karma pala which is what we do that what we get ! Bali has knowledge has a fully of colour of spirit . Is like the budha has bealive Yin And Yang and even in Bali we have it as well Black and White magic ” in Bali we call black magic with call Dresti or Leak ” both of power actually is blessing from the God and giving to human for options which way will the human take and follow. For selves character balinese will always take short cut way to get win from weak people which taking a way as the flow where is following their life on what happen is and always expecting blessing from God. People who used black magic normally starting from a bussines competitions and gelous to friend who get success after they doing hard work. According Mr. MADE BUDIASA information “one of the patient in ketut liyer Bakinese healer” i have talk with him that he get attact from his bussiness competitor in ubud by black magic which now he get foot paint on his left foot. He when to doctor after he fell the paint then that doctor can’t detect what is his problem . Finally he get information from his friend to bring to mangku ketut liyer and treated by traditional healing treatment. And finally great result after 2 time teraphy he fell better and easy to walk as normall . And the ketut liyer say it was there is an attact on black magic with his competitor bussiness. Well was lucky with God blessing he found a way to clear this problem of illness. Well that we talking about black magic and holy white magic in Bali. Then continue after finished the sickness problem normally on Kajeng Kliwon day that special day in Hindu calendar, the patient have to do “mebayuh ceremony” which for netralise the balck magic from the body and bring back the black magic to nature.

So base on Jero Mangku Ketut Liyer in Pengosekan Bali, is very commont to do hand reading where you can see what happen in future of your life and what you have done it before and always he will give you solutions of any kind problem you never finished, its a work as seem like the paranormal wich is the work as predictions, but with Balinese way it has counted on line in our hand left or right. For hand reading some time we hear good things will be happen soon and bad thing will be happen soon as the life circle. What i see? People some time get nerfous after their treament of hand reading or some people excited to the next day and corious with what going to happen . To do this hand reading treatment Mangku Ketut Liyer will offer tarif 250.000 idr per person for one treatment and it has included offering .

In Ketut liyer house, also available lodge where is accomdate traveler to visiting and stay in ubud, with a nice garden view and free wifi. Some room is devide by bambo weaving wall so some time at night can be a bit noice when there is some one check in in the middle of the night. But to stay in the real balinese house its how is’t ! Ketut liyer House lodge now is build an big swiming pool and each room  in the accomodation it has a Double bed and also available twin bed and for single traveler normally get special discount. Balinese breakfast is serve and included in the room price and is settup on the request from 8.00am till 11.00am . I have talk to manager of poll builder it will be finished at the end of this month, for me even with out poll liyer lodge is worte to stay because has convenience location and free worry with ubud main road but to moving arround i recommend you to hire scooter or keep the driver for your transportation in Ubud.

Above is little information about Ketut Liyer in ubud the famous hand reader, if you wish to visit ketut liyer hand reader please fell free to conatct me and i can drive you there to Ubud. For any of your inquiries please fell free to contact me at email : or chat me on whatapps at 082 236 087 680 or find me on skype id” seminyakbalidriver”

See you in Bali

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